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Are You Willing To Move To The Top

If you are currently working at at job than you must either be trying to move to the top or either looking for a different job. I can honestly tell you this it takes time to move to the top in less you have a good relationship with the owner of your company. When it comes to moving to the top you might find other competitors trying to do the same so the question is how can you move to the top? If you see a job post online from craigslist what you will find is hundreds of people are going to apply for that same position. Even people that are college grads are having a hard time finding a job. Because of the results of finding a job is difficult today, moving to the top is more difficult to do. In this post I will explain why its not economy that is not allowing you to move to the top its because you are not aware of your capabilities.

Are You Willing To Sacrifice To Move To The Top

I have seen so many people give complaints about not being able to find a job and its because they are not willing to work hard and make a sacrifice. Sacrifices like working on the weekends and also night shift. When it comes to being in the job market you must do whatever it takes to help your family out financially. The same people that complaint about not getting a job are the once that do not sacrifice themselves to doing the impossible. Now lets move onto something different, do you believe people can turn insane when working at a job that only pays them what they are worth? Obviously! I have seen numerous people try moving to the top but the company owner does not give them a chance and most of the time its because they would be forced to pay them more for their position. If you want to make it to the top you always need to keep your options open. Never stay in one place if you ain’t given the opportunity to move to the top.

For example, Dani Johnson when she was 17 years old while being pregnant had two full time jobs and still was doing whatever she can to survive did it. After she was 21 years old made six figures, now what does that tell you about a person whose been homeless and still sacrificed herself to make a living and move to the top. Moving to the top does not necessarily mean staying in your job forever and waiting for the 25-50 cent raise, its doing the impossible that others do not like to do in life. For example, four years ago I got into the industry of network marketing and the reason why its because I did not want to be dependent on others. Wanted to build a residual income by me going on vacation when I want where I want and I just couldn’t avoid it. When it comes to success you must pay your dues before moving to the top and trust me I am a hundred percent you will be rewarded for your efforts. Make sure you learn a new idea daily and you will be ahead of everyone who tries to compete against you. When it comes to moving to the top you must shift your mindset.

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