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Does Multiple Streams Of Income Benefit Network Marketers

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about does multiple streams of income benefit network marketers. Its debatable and the reason I say this is because we have network marketers who are lazy and do not take action in their business, whereas we have other network marketers who do take action and build a team quickly. If you are working two jobs and have a home based business than obviously you should not try to run to network marketing business. Whenever you start a business TIME is very important. If you do not put time into your business than you are not going to make any money. Now multiple streams of income can benefit you in many ways and that is financially if you know how to choose your companies well enough. For example, as in for me I am part of a health and wellness company that gives me the opportunity to market the business to target audience and I use pure leverage and GVO to help me with the marketing. Now if you count that is three companies I am part of. The reason I did this is because with Pure Leverage I am able to create my own capture page for my business and help my team do the same thing to create leverage. Now GVO in the other hand, I chose it because it hosts my website and also gives me autoresponder which works excellent.

Business Model And Focus When It Come To Multiple Streams Of Income

Whenever you choose a company make sure you pick a business model by focusing on results and not failure. Now if you start building your business and lets say its a health and wellness company that has been in business for many years and you start promoting it, but do not get any results. We are talking about posting ads, Facebook marketing, videos and all the things you can think of and did not make any money. Question that my lead to you is this what do I do next? If this is your case make sure you look at your companies marketing tools and understand this if its not persuasive than that is why you are not signing anybody up. Another problem that happens is sometimes the company is limited on the products that can be offered to the general products. I highly recommend you to look for a company that has multiple products that way you don’t have to worry about a certain group of people to market to. The best way to build a business model is by mapping out your plan of action and write down what are you going to do to get your business on top.


Learn How To Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Now when it comes to building your business you need to make sure you have the proper tools in hand to make your business grow. For instance, if your company is a health and nutritional company you need to figure out for yourself are the marketing tools persuasive. I can tell you my honest opinion company sales tools sometimes do not work as effective as making your own marketing tools. I explained in the video about making sure you have your own autoresponder and that is a way for you to email your leads information. Now the other advice I give you when it comes to creating multiple streams of income is when you send your prospects to your website you do not want your website to be about one thing you want to give your prospects options. Lets say your website is about health only what would happen if your prospects do not want a weight loss product and leaves your website, now what about if you had a weight loss product and and affiliate product that would benefit your prospect how great would that be for you. IT WOULD BE GREAT!

Creating multiple streams of income can be very powerful if you understand how it works. I am going to give you an example, lets say your company has a autoresponder and its only health product but all of a sudden you have 200 leads and none of them sign up but all of a sudden you changed the offer from health to affiliate and you make 3 sales out of 200? How much money do you think you have in your pocket? BINGO! This is very important this is why I joined a company which offers 11 products because now I do not have to keep my eyes on one basket now I can have multiple ways to promote it. Its important to understand how multiple streams of income works in order to make money today. I hope I explained the pros and cons of multiple streams of income.

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