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Network Marketing Formula Part 2

If you are reading this post its because you want to continue on learning about my network marketing formula on how to utilize your blog. Many of us who work from home do not have a blog and in the previous my previous blog on network marketing formula part 1, I show you where to go to create a free blog. If you are on a limited budget its recommended to start off using bloggers.com. Furthermore, I am going to show you in this blog post how to share your content on social sites like Facebook. Now this is not the only strategy that I am going to show you as the days go by, I am going to show you other free strategies to build your business.

STOP Spamming And Use This Network Marketing Formula

One thing I have noticed every single time I log in to Facebook is spamming. Do you honestly think I am going to waste one hour posting on other groups repetitive status about my opportunity. NO! I used to do that and I almost got my account shut down not only that but I was not receiving no results and now that I have been using this network marketing formula, I have been able to recruit 3-5 people a week and also receive 10-20 leads daily which is great for anyone who has a home based business. Whats important to remember is this in this business you need leads and lots of leads you should not be relying on talking to one person a day. This is why a blog is so important because if you think about it lets say you send your prospects to your site via Facebook by using certain strategies that I implement you are going to see lots of results. I highly recommend not to post repetitive post over your groups because too many people are doing it and it can cause you to shut your Facebook down. I am going to be making another video to avoid any Facebook jail.

Strategies To Implement In Facebook

Make sure you take good notes of what I am about to tell you as you know many Facebookers have jobs and are not always on Facebook. The prime time is in the morning, evening, and night time. Make sure you update your status three times a day. Now when it comes to posting many of you as you are reading you might be asking what should I post?

First you post in the morning,evening, and night time whatever you wrote in your blog or if its a video.

Second if you have a video and a post on your blog, you can divide it into two parts.

Third if you have a quote or a picture make sure its a message to your readers, now with this strategy you are going to have to on top of the image put your opportunity link so you can send them to your site or opportunity website.

Watch this Video I made for you…

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Also if you need more ways to market and training tips make sure you click on the top menu tab where it says YouTube to get the most updated training.

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