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Network Marketing Residual Income Business

When people start with a Network Marketing business, they join it because of residual income. The beauty of having residual income in your business is you are able to get paid over and over again for something that was done once. If the concept of residual income was more understood behind jobs people would not be focusing getting paid hourly instead of residually. The power of having a network marketing residual income it can generate more income than your current job if you put enough work into it.

Are Their Secrets To Network Marketing Residual Income?

Every network Marketing company has different compensation plans that are design for you to make money through the power of duplication. According to Rob Fore’s blog he states

* One company offers a unique service costing only $31 per month. Distributors earn a 2-32% commission depending on where the volume falls within the compensation plan. Let’s say the “average” commission is 8%. This would mean you would have to have 40,4322 on your team to earn a $100,000 per year passive residual income.

* A well-known internet company pays ONE DOLLAR per month passive income on a $10 per month subscription. So to earn that same $100,000 per year… you will need to have a team of 100,000 active customers or distributors on autoship.

* Yet another 500+million dollar per year, publicly-traded health and wellness company pays charges an average of $240 per month to stay active. You can select from vitamins, skin care or weight loss products. Being a binary program, they pay a solid 20% commission on the WEAKEST LEG volume. This mean, in essence, you’ll earn on 50% of your efforts. To rake in $100,000 per year… you will need about 9000 active distributors… 4500 on the left leg and 4500 on the right leg.

Now the argument towards this is how can a network marketer make more than they get paid with their current job. I’ll tell you what if you think long term than its for you for instance, building your business 3 hours a day 15 hours a week would lead you to residual income in 6-8 months depending on your company. Watch video below

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