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Network Marketing Tip-How To Never Run Out Of Prospects

If you are reading this post its because you might be looking for a way to never run out of prospects in your network marketing business.  I am going to share with you network marketing tips that’s going to help you grow your business better.   Many of us have problems generating leads on a daily basis and I can relate to you.  You might be wondering how many people do I need to talk to on a daily basis.  The average is 5 decisions a day and that would lead you to a guaranteed of 10-15 signups a month.  What would 10-15 sign ups bring into your bank account?  More free time with your family and vacationing.   Its important to remember one thing and that is if you are not sponsoring new distributors into your business it might be because you are not talking to enough people.  Another problem that I ran into in the past has been having a big team but all of a sudden my team members are not recruiting so I am going to show you how to grow your team so you can always have new members coming on board.

Prospecting Made For You

Depending on how you prospect would depend your paycheck.  If you are prospecting doing online marketing it might take more time to sponsor people reason why its because it takes longer to build rapport with that person behind the computer.  One of the fastest way to build a team is whenever you sign up a new member make sure you tell them which are the 10 people that pops in your head that would benefit from making an extra income, better health, or more free time. Make sure you get that list from your new members and after what you are going to do is recruit them on their team.  Whats going to happen is out of the ten in the list their might be 4-5 that might join.  This is the script that I use….

“Who is one person you know, that pops in your head, that could use an extra income” (wait for a response when they give you the list call them up)

Hello Dave this is Raymond Del Rosario from Lancaster PA, how are you today? Dave you don’t know me but we do have a mutual acquaintance  Jeff, you known  for years haven’t you,

Well I was talking to Jeff and asked him which are the sharpest people in this business that you know. And he mentioned your name as the top one. Since you are so successful, just as a favor to Jeff, maybe you should take a look at what we are doing and hey who knows, would you be open to taking a look at an email if I shot it to you?

Dave Response : What are you guys doing?

Well we got an online business, and we are doing very well with it and our company did over 61 million in commission so far.

If you take a look at it do you mind if I follow up or you rather reach out to me. If you try this method you are going to recruit lots of people into your business. What tends to happen when it comes to recruiting is many of our newbies do not prospect their warm market and that tends to be the down fall of our business. Think about it this way, if you sponsor 5 people and you can get a list of 50 that is going to be a game changer in your business. All your team mates are going to be happy because they are going to make lots of money.  Now make sure you teach this to your team so everyone can do this as well.  Make sure you master this recruiting strategy and test it out and you will discover what I am saying is true.  Many network marketers or even newbies do not know how to contact their warm market.  Make sure you share this information with your team so they can learn it as well.  Thanks for reading this post.

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