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Objection Handling Its A Pyramid Scheme

If you are in the network marketing industry you might of gotten this objection, its a pyramid scheme that’s why don’t like to get involve in your business opportunity.”  When you run into this objection its because you might of not given enough value to them.  Explaining your business opportunity is something many newbies start off with when their company tells them to chase their friends and family.  I can honestly tell you this if you been watching some of my videos that I have done in the past their is a formula that you need to implement to get the results you need in your business.  The question is what do you do when someone tells you this objection?  Just tell them “I would not get involve in a pyramid scheme, why would I tell you to get involve in one.”  Now the definition of a pyramid scheme is a company that collects money from people and not given a legitimate product.  Ponzi Schemes close down they do not last long and that is why the government get’s involve to prevent that from happening.

Pyramid Scheme Misconception

The misconception of a pyramid scheme has been prospects thinking a network marketing being scheme when it offers a product. Like I mentioned before as long as that company offers a product and services to the general public its not considered a pyramid scheme.  Network marketing companies have been around for a long time and because of that people get involved in it on a daily basis.  The problem with most network marketing company is when someone gets involved in it they expect results immediately and it does not work that way.  It takes time depending on the business you are in, for instance, if your company has a high start up fee than its going to take longer for you to grow your business, if the company has a low start up rate than it might be easier for you to grow your business.  Network marketing is a business where everyone helps each other become successful.   Before joining a network marketing make sure the products are legitimate and find out if their is a website of it to make sure it works.  I honestly can tell you this is why health and wellness network marketing companies have the highest commission available and that is because people consume the products and get results.   The misconception starts from the point of view of the prospect looking at a network marketing company as a pyramid and because its design that way people see it as a ponzi scheme.  This is the bottom line every company you worked for or seen are designed as a pyramid if you start to deeply think about it and research it.  Their is always going to be higher people than you in whatever jobs you are involved.   Many of us do not see it but when we work in a job we are part of a legal pyramid.

The objection is this a pyramid scheme, should be responded this way.

1. No John this is not a pyramid scheme is that what you are looking for?

2. Another response is “John have you ever been involved in one before.” ( Now the reason why this is an important question is because you need to dig deep why they mentioned this to you)

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