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Online Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Over the past few years their has been a rumble over how toonline marketing
market your mlm company with either online marketing or offline marketing. The best part of being part of network marketing company is how the new innvative ways of marketing a business. For instance, now if you turn on the computer you see all types of advertising mlm formulas never seen before. Entrepreneurs are marketing their business better than ever the only problem is alot of these marketers end up quitting before they even see success. There are some distributors who feel more comfortable talking to people face to face rather
than behind a computer. Whereas, some distributors like more
exposure by doing videos, webinars, and audios behind a
computer. Now the question is what would you choose to market
your business. In this article I will be discussing the pros
and Cons between both marketing strategies.

Pros in Offline Marketing

offline marketingWhenever you are marketing your business without a computer what you are doing is connecting with other people by telling them about your products and services. Now the benefit about marketing your business offline is you save more money than doing it online. Its more practical and easier what I mean easier is because you dont need technical information to
market your business. You can set up meeting by giving flyers
out to people in the mall and streets. You can also do drop
cards in book stores and gas stations. For example, if you
are marketing a health and wellness product the best places to
leave your information is at the gym, bookstore, hospitals.
Now let me tell you a story about a friend of mind who was
selling a health product, what he did was he did volunteer
work at a YMCA where alot of people go to and he started to
network with members of the YMCA. As amazing it might sound
he ended up recruiting people to his business because his
target market was people looking to get in shape. When you are
offline marketing you can post ads on newspaper, yellow pages,
and more.

Cons in Offline Marketing

When you do Offline Marketing sometimes it can break you down
if you dont know how to handle objections. The most important
thing to keep in mind when you are chasing your friends and
family is to not let anyone break you down. When I started
network marketing, I used to get 20 no’s a day in order for me
to become successful in what I am at. Its tough to handle the
no’s but remember one thing there are always people you can
offer your product. The negative side of joining a business
is sometimes the company would not train you properly to
market your business and thats when you quit. Think about it
this way if you market your business offline you are going to
take longer to build it because of not being able to connect
with prospects from other states or country. What I mean is
if you are marketing your business in your city sometimes it
can be difficult to market people from other cities.

Pros in Online Marketing

When I first started using online marketing I was connecting
with more people at one time. The best part about online
marketing more and more people are using the internet to look
for information which means you can promote your business via
social media for instance. The main point is exposure when we
are talking about online marketing. For instance, you can
post something on facebook and all of a sudden you would have
10-15 people liking your information. Also whats great about
online marketing is you are able to see lots of people making
millions in less than 2 years. Online marketing can help you
become a celebrity online.

Cons Of Online Marketing

Online Marketing can be expensive and you can end up being
broke in no time. The biggest problem alot of distributors
run into is spending lots of money and not get results. For
example, over the years I have spent more than $3,000 on
products. Now I dont mean that its a bad thing to buy so many
products the only problem is some of us dont use it. Also the
other problem is their are too many technical information that
you need to understand, in order to market your business

In concluding this article, my opinion is if you are able to
learn how to market both ways you are going to build your
business more effectively. One of the most important parts is
if you become a master prospector you are going to be a
recruiting machine. As you continue reading this article watch
video below.


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