Why Network Marketing Is Better Than Any Job Out There?

I had a cousin of mines who called me from New York City telling me how upset he was because they let go of one of his favorite teachers. As he was sitting down in the classroom, he noticed Mr. Bell opening up a letter and suddenly it was a
ONE DAY NOTICE. Who do we question about whats going on in this economy? Could it be possible that the ones that are
getting laid off are joining a network marketing company? We don’t know but as you read this article, I’m going to show you
why Network Marketing is better than any job out there. Every
morning when I wake up I read more and more about people being
hurt by this downfall economy. People losing their homes,
credit debts, medical bills, and more. Ask yourself these
questions what are we going to do in the next upcoming years?
Do we have a plan B or are we relying on social security, 401
K? The solution is to have a plan B in case of anything
especially when everyone who is struggling has the potential
of making more than what their current job is paying them.

10 Reasons Why Network Marketing is better than any job out

1)Low cost investment- When you start with a network
marketing company your investments are very low compare to an
investment of a restaurant where you are not guaranteed any
2)You are your own boss-You are able to use the bathroom
anytime you want whether is full time or part-time.

3)Unlimited Income-You are able to make as much as you want without any restrictions on how much you can make. I have seen so many millionaires come out of this industry.

4)100 Billion in Sales- In American alone there are more than 30 million independent business owners working from the comfort of their home. This means its an expanding market which is going to continue to grow in the next upcoming years.

5)Eligible for anyone-It does not matter what sex, race, experience, and education you have; you can join.

6)Back Office Training-You are not going to be signing up for a network marketing and not be provided the training absolutely not. Now the best part of network marketing is everyone is helping each other out. You are part of a team which are struggling financially. You are going to learn leadership skills and business skills.

7)Immediate Income- There are network marketing companies that pay daily and some don’t depending on the company. The best part is you make residual income in the long term.

Now for those of you reading this post, I have something to show you which is the solution to help you financially. I have found something everyone is using and its helping them pay for their mortgage. As you continue reading this post this is why network marketing is better than any job.

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Learn the Secret of Free MLM Leads

Learn the Secret of Free MLM Leads

When using the internet to get your website rank in the first
page of Google, learning how to find free mlm leads is your best way to success. Now don’t get me wrong if Google search lead companies you would find a ton of them.  I had a friend who was using a lead generation company and supposedly it was free, when he learned after a few weeks that it was no good. I advice anyone who wants to purchase leads to save their money and not spend it.  There are so many free leads that can be gain daily. It is simple to gain these free mlm leads and better yet qualified leads. Be careful when you are purchasing leads from a lead company sometimes it can be leads from the yellow page.  When you have a qualified lead its usually worth
$5-15 dollars depending.

Learn where to find Free MLM Leads

The best way to find quality leads is by learning the rule of
attraction marketing.  Learning how to brand yourself and
giving value to your prospects will take you to your promise
land.  When you apply the concept of attraction marketing,
generating leads is going to be a peace of cake.  I have seen
network marketers spend thousands of dollars buying leads and
not getting anywhere. Using social media such as Facebook,
Twitter, YouTube, and Google plus will help you connect with
your prospects in a more deeper level. For instance, if you do
video marketing YouTube would help your prospects get to know
you better.  One thing many don’t know when it comes to free
mlm leads
is YouTube is for entertainment, Facebook is social,
and Google is for information.  The reason I mentioned this is
because I have seen lots of spammers out there who just try to
sell and not connect with the prospect. Remember one thing,
the prospects that you recruit need to connect with you so
they can learn the same strategy as you.  Prospects need to
trust you when you are promoting your business online.

Check Out The Six Best Ways to Generate Free MLM Leads

1)SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Use long tail keywords if

you are SEO your blog post.

2)Twitter-Twitter is a great way to generate leads online.  If

your page gets visitors from Google your page will get ranked.

Using Twitter would allow you to reach out to hundreds and

hundreds of people.

3)Facebook-Start posting videos from YouTube on Facebook.

Guess what this is going to do its going to give you more


4)Video Marketing-Videos rank faster than articles because

more people prefer to watch videos than read. Remember one

thing Google owns YouTube and because of that videos can be

very powerful.

5)Article Marketing-start to expose your article to social

media websites and submit articles to article directories.

My biggest recommendation is master all these tactics. Use these mlm free leads tips and you will see your business grow.

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Gain Financial Freedom Joining MLM Opportunity

Gain Financial Freedom Joining MLM Opportunity


Starting an MLM Opportunity is providing products
and services which works on a commission basis.
Newbies are paid for their effort put towards
their business. You build your team and help each
other out in growing your business thats the
concept of starting an MLM Opportunity.  Its not
just one person on top and you in the bottom
forever.  You are able to make as much money as a
person who goes to college and graduates for
instance, in the end of this article, you will see
a video of a rep whose made lots of money in this
industry.  The business model is design for anyone
who wants to make money from the comfort of your
home.  The only thing you need to do is manage
your team and tell others about your MLM

MLM Opportunity is Not a Job

The difference between a job and an MLM
Opportunity is you are trading time for dollars
rather than leveraging your time. Also do get
confused with direct sales job with MLM
Opportunity.  The difference is a sales job
sometimes pays you only commission but no
residual, whereas, network marketing pays you
commission and residual which in the long run is
better. Now if you are part of a traditional network
marketing and a new network marketing than there
are some difference still.   I have seen many reps
in MLM Opportunity build their business using
offline marketing; the only difference it takes
longer to build depending how you market.
Whereas, building a team online you can use
different marketing strategies that reaches out to
more people around the world.  You dont need to
spend money on calling others long distance all it
takes is social media and from there you have your
marketing strategy. Now the biggest reason why
people join a mlm opportunity is because you can
leverage your income over time.

Benefit of MLM Opportunity

1)You have the option of marketing online or

2)You can grow a down line faster now.

3)You name your paycheck weekly.

4)Starting your own business.

5)Fire your boss.

6)Teaching others how to market a product

Recession doesn’t exist with MLM Opportunity

If you go online check these testimonials out you

would be surprise at how many network marketing reps

has made six figures in less than a year.  One

thing I can say is millions of people are looking

for ways to earn an extra income from home because

of the rise in inflation.

According to Network Opportunities.net every 11 seconds, someone starts a network

marketing or mlm business.

79 000 000 Americans will start their own

business within
the next 3 – 5 years (Forbes Magazine).

75,000 new people subscribe to the Internet


100,000 new websites are built daily

125,000 people start a home based business

each week

33 Percent of all new millionaires achieve it

through this

Now the question you should ask yourself is this what would you do if you get laid off from your job?

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.

Time Management Strategies to Reduce Stress

Time Management Strategies to Reduce Stress

Time management strategies is one of the most challenging areas of anyone life.  We cannot buy time.  The only thing we can do is manage our time.  For instance, I was at the gym last week and I was talking to this lawyer who I started a conversation with and he was telling me about how many hours he works weekly which was 80-110 hours a week.  That’s insane!  I have seen many family get broken because of not being able to spend time together.  The reason this conversation came up was because I asked him does he come to the gym everyday and than that’s when the conversation started.  Now for those of you who are struggling in your business or job field and want to do something you desire and do not understand time management strategies, I will show you how to have less stress in your life.  Its important to understand if we learn time management strategies, we would be able to improve our areas of our lives. This is my best advice that I can provide you with, try this out for a few weeks and you will see how your life is going to get better.

Learn Time Management Strategies

Plan each day by writing a list of ten of what to do.  Priorities the most important to least important. What you must prevent is last minute tasks. Now one mistake that does happen is watching television for more than three hours a day and than you say you complain about not being able to do productive things.  Now if I would ask you to sign up with my online business opportunity, I would ask you how much time can you put weekly?  Your answer might be “I don’t have time right now.”  The reality of the matter is if you watch television 21 hours a week, than why can’t you put 20 hours into your primary business. Now for any network marketers reading this its important to remember if you are working on your business, for example, blogging, PPC, or being on webinars daily try to be consistent with it, and once you get the habit until you get used to it.

Use Your Time Management Strategies Wisely

Try to use your time more careful and understand that whatever you do in life is a process.  For example, if you drive daily to work and its a 45 minute drive to work and home than listen to audios.  If you take the bus to work than read a book as you go to work.  When you go on break in your job, read a book or listen to an audio. By doing this its going to free more time to be with your family and in the same time training yourself. Whenever you are reading make sure you turn off your phone and computer.  Make sure you take vacations to rest and re-energize yourself.  Watch this video below….

Cool Video on Time Management Strategies


P.S. If you are struggling with your Business feel free to connect with me.

How to find Hot MLM Leads

How to find Hot MLM Leads

As we start our day, the first thing we do is turn on the computer and check our email to see if any new sign ups came in. Chances of someone signing up in your network marketing business online are slim if you dont know how to bring hot MLM leads.  Normally when we start off with a new company, we are told to make a list of all your friends and family and than you would start your sign ups immediately. The truth is if you think about it sometimes those are not hot MLM leads.  For instance, lets say you call your family and friends and tell them about your new opportunity, their response might be stop chasing rainbows, thats a pyramid scheme, stop wasting money on that, that does not work.  In all honesty, hot MLM leads come when you value yourself.

Prospecting for Hot MLM Leads

You might be a newbie or an experience network marketer trying to build your business opportunity. How did you feel when you were told that the hot MLM leads were your friends and family and suddenly you quitted in less than a month. Have you ever heard the 3 foot rule of you talking to everyone who you run into.  Now I dont mean to say its a bad idea to tell your friends and family because you want them to become successful just like you.  The funny thing that happens is this when you start making money with your primary business, what happens is who ever you prospected to are the ones that want to join. The way I started was prospecting to anyone who I ran to and also calling from the yellow pages.  Its crazy to say, I did recruit some people but the problem was my downline was not strong enough and it never was growing quick enough.  After I met with a friend of mine who was very successful with his primary business, he showed me how to get hot MLM leads. He showed me the solution to my problem and that was I wasnt building enough value within myself. The more I failed down, I kept getting back up and looking for new strategies on how to find hot MLM leads. The key is to take advantage of the resources of we all have online.  If you want to learn how to market your business online, all you need to do is go to youtube. Now if you are reading this blog post, I’m going to show you what many network marketers are doing to find hot MLM leads.

Great News on How to Find Hot MLM Leads

Now the great news that I have for you is in life whenever their is financial struggle, there will always be a solution.  The remedy is for you to have a system.  A system that would help you find your hot MLM leads.  You are going to learn the truth about attraction marketing.  The best part of this system is its going to do everything for you.  Now I know for a fact once you learn about this system you are going to come back and thank me for it.

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.

Is Network Marketing a Fraud

Is Network Marketing a Fraud


There are some people today who think network marketing a fraud. What people still forget is Network marketing is not a scam its a process its not an overnight success. Results come with time as long as you are consistent and work smart. To give a better understanding of what I mean by network marketing it’s a business that you run on your own. You are your own boss and the time you put into it is up to you. It provides you with real, product knowledge of what they are selling for a fair price to others. Now don’t get me wrong there has been many network marketers who has gotten rich in this industry and some have failed in it and because of that network marketing a Fraud .

Now is Network Marketing a Fraud?

Normally when you ask a former network marketer about his/her experience they would tell you about how money they lost but not what was told.  It is important that if 97% fail in this industry it is because they do not follow a simple process.  The benefits of being part of a network marketing company is you gain financial freedom with time. For instance, if you are 30 years old and you are working at a factory and you are supposed to retire at the age of 55 that means you have 25 years to work and make the same salary without any growth. Whereas with network marketing if you stay long enough for instance less than two years you will succeed. If you research and you are a person who likes to learn and invests time than by the time your 55 years old you will live a profitable lifestyle.

Could Network Marketing Fraudother People!!!

Network marketing is all about effort and motivational mindset. As you are building a list of people who are joining your primary business you are building leverage and also you are helping others do the same. The way this economy is going with such a high unemployment rate, those who are victims of not being able to work for a year or so are the ones that are hurt the most. Imagine refusing to work for a network marketing company when its an opportunity that you have in your hands. An opportunity for you as a average person to come in the industry and dominate. Two weeks ago I was prospecting on the phone and suddenly I received a phone call from someone who wanted to inquire about the opportunity and suddenly when I told him it’s a network marketing company he got upset because he wanted salary. I told him this how long have you been unemployed and he said “8 months and I told him by joining this company in 8 months of you being with us you would gain a lot in your life. He asked me a question and said is this a scam and I told him no its not. If this was a scam I would of not given you my personal cell phone number. One thing I can say is this whenever I go prospecting, its important to build rapport. Rapport reduces resistance in anyone who is a customer or a prospect. Its also important to consider this Network marketing is not to take advantage of other people its to help others progress in their life. Always remember this, whenever you are being offered a business opportunity, learn about the companies’ compensation plan and the people who are running it. My best advice is always learn more and more. Put your weaknesses toward the side and work on the angles of the weaknesses. For example, 5 months ago, I was doing door to door sales for a company and I was always make contact with at least 12 people daily but only close 2 of them, but I had a problem. I sucked at closing the sale. Closing was one of the most difficult things for me to master. Now in network marketing the most difficult part is learning step by step on all the marketing tools.  But if you hang long enough by learning new strategies on how to build your business obviously success is right in your corner.  Use the internet and write, write, and write about what you learn from others so you can become successful. Therefore, if you are still convince of network marketing a fraud listen to this lady on how she was able to pay her mortgage.

P.S. If you are struggling financially and still think of network marketing a fraud feel free tocontact me.

What Stops You From Achieving Your Dreams

What Stops You From Achieving Your Dreams

Have you ever had friends and family that wouldn’t accept you Achieving Your Dreams? I believe the answer would be yes. Have you ever had friends that tell you to “grow up get real, stop chasing rainbows,” Off course we had! Especially when you are a goal oriented. If your life has gone through moments where love ones have try to stop you from accomplishing your dream don’t quit and don’t forget your dreams. Dreams can always be accomplished, only time will tell. Now when you become successful and your dreams does come true, what happens next? The friends that laughed at you will come back to you and tell you that they knew you could make it. Unbelievable how life can become for some people. Now no matter where we are in life, we can always fix our mistakes when it comes to failure. One thing that’s important to understand achieving your dreams has no limits, what I mean by that is if your dream is to earn a million dollars, you can earn more than that only with a positive mindset of thinking big. Now I am not only talking about earnings but also the person you can become. By becoming a better husband/wife/parent, and worker. Once you learn how to receive positive thoughts inside your mind you will be able to reach limits where you never thought you couldn’t reach. For example, if you fear something you need to do, you need to do it in order to surpass it. If you are struggling financially make sure you write down why you are struggling financially and make sure you visualize your problem and fix it. Trust me this works. There was a time when I was selling door to door and I was nervous ass hell. I knew that in order for me to make money I had to do it. Its not easy to feel good about becoming successful in life when you are surrounded by negative people.

Start Achieving Your Dreams

Start to achieve your dreams by writing your goals down. Trust me your self esteem will boost up. Don’t let your mind take you to failure. This is the reason why people today quit something they love to do because they find it difficult and its out of their comfort level. One thing people are really comfortable doing is giving to others and making others richer. For instance, if you ever worked in a restaurant you work for what you are worth. You are giving the other person money for giving you tasks. What I mean by that is you are making the other person richer by you doing labor. Make sure you look at your current situation and understand that you are worth more than 8 dollars an hour. You can achieve your dream. Watch this video and also I have another gift for you underneath the video.


P.S. If you are struggling with your business start Achieving Your Dreams.

How To Prevent Network Marketing Failure

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How to prevent Network Marketing Failure

In the 90s, Network Marketing was marketed differently compare to this present moment.  There was more cold calling and face to face being done. Now their are so many network marketers working their business online more than ever.  The only problem is there are so many network marketers that come in to the industry with two major problems inside their subconscious mind which are impatience and thinking small. For instance, network marketers before used to do live training with members face to face but the problem was they used to quit to early. Now the trainings are being done online which is the difference why there are so many network marketers becoming millionaires in less than ten years.  You have the option to use the internet or do offline marketing. In this post I will be showing you 2 different ways why some newbies fail when they start MLM.

Is it Possible To Stop Network Marketing Failure


1)Custom to small thinking

As you know we all come in to this field with our own issues, most of them from when we grew up.  And these problems has become customed to our adulthood. If your love ones are small thinkers and never made more than $40,000 in a year than obviously you will see a lot of negative responses in regards to your success or goals.  We all deserve to make more than $40,000 a month if others have done it why can we do it.  Starting your own business by investing $500 to 1000 can be questionable for anyone, the important thing is understanding its a process but you will get to your promise land if you do what is needed to make it to the top.  Make sure you do lots of personal development training.  You deserve everything and none of us today don’t deserve to be under paid, we deserve everything.

2)Impatience with yourself

The compensation plan for every network marketing company works for everyone.  The only question is how long will it take you to make money or the income that you desire.  Through the process of learning different ways to prospect, leadership, entrepreneurial skills and more, we become better people as more time for ourselves is developed. There are so many network marketers who drop out after they even try, why because they think success is overnight and its not.  You have to be patient and understand if you devote 20 hours a week to learning how things work with your business, you will get to your promise land.  Master everything you are taught and teach others the moment you learn one new idea.

Stop Thinking about Network Marketing Failure



Special Gift
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Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

Have you ever heard of how the gurus make money online?  There are so many ways to do so from SEO, PPC, social media and more.  This post contains information why its important to blog to market better.

Why Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

I believe its important to because I have had much success in having my own blog and marketing other peoples products.  Now Im going to give you a couple of reasons why its important to blog.

-You dont need money on advertising on newspaper and other places where you have to pay to advertise.

-You dont have to worry about having a capture page, you can use videos to reach out to others for FREE.

-Also you teach others with everything you learn about your company.

-Your blog will always stay forever

-More and more people are using the internet today

-Other successful marketers are blogging daily.

Whats important to remember is this if you are in vacation with your family you can make videos about your company or product and reach out to others.  Also you can become a celebrity online instead of TV.

Make it a priority to have a Blog if you are an Online Marketer?

–  You are able to brand yourself
–  Get daily visitors
–  You have full control of your blog
–  You can make sales while you are sleeping.
–  Build a reputation by just blogging daily.

-You can also connect through social media.

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.

How to Set Goals On a Daily Basis

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How to Set Goals on A Daily Basis

I was recently at a friends house who told me not being able to accomplish goals setting.  I then asked what are you writing?  He showed me his writing.  I showed him what his mistakes are and that is he has unrealistic goals.  I told him goals setting is not only about income it revolves around your whole entire lifestyle.  In order for you to be successful you need to accomplish your goals with your family first.  The reason why is because if you are able to be their for your family, you will have that support.  Whenever you have that support you are able to do better and better as your day passes.  For instance, there has been times when I had problems with my wife because she was telling me that I was not spending enough time with her and I didn’t know what was my mistake.  The reason why was because I was mainly focusing only on making money and forgetting about my marriage life.  I realized that I was over working and only thinking about me and not her.  The formula works like this write your goals down and start setting small goals first and climb the ladder as you are doing this.

More Tips On How to Set Goals on a Daily Basis !!!!Important!!!!

Write your goals down by making a list of ten.  Afterwards priorities the most important to the least important and accomplish first the most important on your daily activity.  Write your goals down before you sleep or in the morning before going to work.  One other tip that I can also give you is have a dream board about everything you want in life.  Make sure they are goals that you want to set for yourself.  Try not to tell anyone about your goals in less they are positive people.  Don’t make the mistake by telling a negative person.  Always surround yourself with optimistic people not negative.  As I mention on the video make sure you follow the steps I mention its going to help you.  Continue visiting my blog daily for more information.

Learn How to Set Goals On a Daily Basis!!Watch Video!!!


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