Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

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Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

Making money online has been very popular over the years.  If you look at a product that you want to buy, there is always going to be always a distributor or a company selling the product.  The best part of making money online is you reach to more people through online marketing.  Before I started in network marketing, I used to research companies which used to help people make money online.  I was reading an article about a guy who was a construction worker, alcoholic, lonely and in debt and what he did was read daily and start his own business from home.  After hours of him learning and learning how to make money online, he was able to make six figures in less than a year.

How To Make Money Online Without Spending a Dime

I will be giving a a list of how to make money online.
-Become an affiliate marketer
-Sell other peoples old stuff through Craigslist
-Connect suppliers with buyers

Learn How To Make Money Online


What a growing number of online marketers are doing is they are writing articles for other people.  If you would go to websites where you can outsource your business, you would discover so many people who are contractors and are making a living of other peoples business.  One of the best ways to make lots of money online is by starting your own blog and promote a product.  By having full control you are able to reach out to millions of people on Google.  To make even more money from learn about affiliate marketing.  For instance, there are so many people who sell books and would like others to distribute it for them.  For example, there is a book that its called magnetic sponsoring and the owner of the book pays $20 per sale.  Therefore, its important to study how to make money online.  Its much better and flexible for anyone who wants long term residual.  For more information feel free to learn how other network marketers are making money online.

Special Gift

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.

How to Not Fail In Network Marketing

How to Not Fail In Network Marketing

I made this video to help other network marketer who are struggling with their business.  The first thing that happens when we start our own business is invite friends and family.  I encourage every single newbie to do that as well to blog daily and also talk to people daily.  Every where you go ask people if they have their options open and can they look at your video.  If you constantly  this everyday you will become successful.  Remember one thing network marketing is a process to make money and become financially free.  Earlier today I was listening to a internet marketing guru and one thing he mention was before you succeed in network marketing, you have to fail and than get back up.

Ways to Not Fail In Network Marketing

Stick to one phase and always stay positive, don’t quit your current job until you have doubled your income with your primary business.  Two months ago I met a friend of mine whose been in network marketing for 5 years on and off.  The first thing I asked him hows he doing with his business and he told me not good.  I told him some tips and now he has build an empire.  Its important to look at your mistakes and also learn from successful people.  Research daily online and read other peoples blogs.  I will be giving you more tips on how not to fail in network marketing.  My advice is this listen to successful speakers.

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.



Why We Do What We Do: Anthony Robbins

 Why We Do What We Do: Anthony Robbins


I was online and found this video of Anthony Robbins which inspired me to understand more why I do what I do. I believe there are so many people today who want to succeed in life but something in their mind stops them from succeeding.  We need to understand ourselves better and have a positive vision.  When you understand how things work you are going to feel good about yourself.  There is always an positive energy inside you that allows you to grow as a person.

If you are struggling in your Business start listening to Anthony Robbins.

How to Achieve Success on a Daily Basis

How to Achieve Success on a Daily Basis

There are ways to aim for a daily strategy for achieving success, but the hardest part is committing yourself to doing it. Once you commit yourself, the rest is easy to do. Every successful person has a daily strategy in their lives, and that’s why I’m writing this information:


  1. Begin a morning ritual which includes the following aspects:

Spiritual – This could include meditation, prayer gratitude writing, etc. Some form of connection to your Spirit.

Mental – Reading motivational books, watching videos, any material that will stimulate your mind positively. What I do is I watch videos that are motivational and inspiring. It prevents stress from coming into your mind.

PhysicalWalking which is normal, exercise. You want to get your body up and running and work up a sweat.

Your morning ritual is most effective in durations of 30 minutes to an hour, with an hour being ideal. However, make it something that works for you. Keep in mind this is crucial to your strategy for success.

  1. Begin an Evening Review:

These activities are the act of taking care of you, nourishing yourself and working on your self-confidence and esteem. When we take time for ourselves, we are both consciously and subconsciously telling ourselves that we matter and that we are valuable; that our needs are important.

Learn to Achieve Success on A Daily Basis

Some of you might say this is nonsense but the truth is this some of us live a daily lifestyle stressed out because of finance, family issues, and low self esteem. Stress is one of the reasons why people pass away early. The reality is most entrepreneurs are lacking the necessary self confidence and self esteem needed to be successful as a business owner. It will be impossible to attract leaders if you are not a leader yourself. This is precisely why so many people can’t seem to make Network Marketing work for them. The time spent on building yourself up will pay off huge dividends. Just ask the top income earners! They will tell you all about the time they invested in THEMSELVES before they saw success. You just cannot get around it! Remember this if you are able to educate yourself more and more daily think about how successful you will be in 3-6 months from now. Start today taking action and look at what you want to do in the next 5 years.


  1. Write down your daily tasks to complete:

Calling leads

Social Media posting – adhere to a strict plan and then move on!

Offline marketing including meet-up groups, one-on-one presentations, chamber meetings, drop card marketing.

Whether you do online or offline marketing, or a combination of both, you want to write out your tasks clearly and check them off as you go along during the day. Doing this concrete action plan daily will bring you tremendous results; and you will see yourself transform into the leader you knew you could be. Always think about this when you feel negative about yourself. Say to yourself if I would go back 5 years, what would I change or done for myself.

P.S. If you are ready to develop yourself, your business and your life into what you desire, then follow the steps left by the top earners in the industry by clicking here.

Learn to become successful online

What Are Your Short Term and Long Term Goals?


What Are Your Short Term Goals or Long Term Goals

When people think of goal setting, they often think of long term goals such as making $1 million dollars or buying their dream home. Long terms goals are very important, but so are short term goals. Short term goals can help you stay motivated as you are working towards those long term goals. They are the little pats on the back along the way.

They can be especially gratifying in your MLM business. A short term goal allows you to see that you are making progress in the bigger goal of having a successful business. A short term goal should be something that you can accomplish in about three months and something that you would not normally be able to do if it weren’t for your business. Here are some examples of short term goals:

– A new summer wardrobe
– A weekend getaway with your spouse
– Pay off a credit card
– Have a debt free Christmas
– Remodel your kids room
– Buy a treadmill

Long term goals are those that keep you in your business for the long haul. Your short term goals are great and keep you motivated, but the long term goal is what it’s all about. It’s a great idea to have a visual board for your long term goals so that you see it as much as possible. Also, make a measurement stick – and mark off how much closer you’re getting. Even if it’s only 5% your first year, you are that much closer!

Setting Short Term and Long Term Goals

By now you should an understanding of what short and long term goals are, what most people get stuck with is the most important part …HOW to actually set their goals. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to set both your long term and short term goals:

1. Set aside time. It has to be quiet and uninterrupted time. I find it’s best if you do this away from your house or business. Find a place that is inspiring for you. Go to the beach, in the mountains, or another favorite stop. Take a pad of paper, pencil/pens and 2 different colored highlighters with you.
2. Start with a free flowing list of things you’d like to accomplish. Ask yourself these questions, and write down any answer that come to mind:

a. What do I want to do?
b. What do I want to have?
c. Where do I want to go?
d. Where do I want to live?
e. How many homes do I want to have? Where?
f. What contributions do I want to make to my community or the world?
g. How much do I want to earn?
h. How much do I want to invest?
i. How much do I want to save?
j. What do I want to do for my children?
k. What do I want to do for my parents?
l. What will I do for fun?
3. You should have a pretty long list!! Probably a couple of pages. Now go back through and split between your long term and your short term goals. Remember, short term goals are things that you can accomplish in a 3 month period. Long term goals would take longer than that. Highlight short terms goals one color and long term goals another.
4. Starting with short term goals: Take a new sheet of paper and write down your TOP TEN short term goals. Those you feel the most attachment to. (But keep your big list…you can use the rest later.
5. Schedule those short term goals into appropriate quarters of your upcoming year. Three or so a quarter (one will have 4). You have set your short term goals for the year!
6. Now let’s turn to your long term goals. This is a little harder, and often takes the buy in of your spouse as well. But this is a good place to start. I believe in taking the opposite approach with long term goals. Start culling your list 5 at a time. Line through your LEAST important 5 long term goals. Next 5. Do this until you CANNOT compromise OR you are down to 5-8 long term goals.
7. When you get home, talk to your spouse about what the MOST IMPORTANT FIVE long term goals are for you to work towards. Now you have your long term goals.

Both short term goals and long term goals are important. Take some time to set your short term goals and long term goals this week. Share them with your family – you’ll find they are much more patient with your business when they know what your goals really are!

P.S. If you are struggling with your Network Marketing Business feel Free to connect with me.

How To Set Goals

Set Goals…..How many times have you set goals or even made New Year’s resolutions only to quit weeks into you endeavor? If you have you are not alone, in fact you belong to the 99%. Why do you suppose that is when we all know intellectually that we want to be successful and accomplish our goals? Perhaps calling it a New Year’s resolution is inaccurate, because according to Merriam-Webster a resolution is: The act or process of resolving; solving.

The feeling of how to Set Goals

I’m sure you can think of at least one time in your life when you resolved to do something, and there was a feeling in the pit of your stomach that felt like NOTHING was going to keep you from this thing. You had absolute knowing within yourself that you would accomplish it, and so you did. You probably didn’t talk a whole lot about it, and you may have just kept it to yourself, and just made it happen. That is resolve. That is what a resolution feels like as well as setting and reaching goals.

Setting goals effectively consists of Four elements:

1. Have a vision
What do you want to create? This is a far cry from “I want to lose weight, or make some extra money”. Dig deep and discover what you really want to create in your life.

2. Make your vision compelling
The thought of your vision should pull you to it with eagerness and excitement. It should wake you up in the middle of the night, and have you up early in the morning pondering it all day.

3. Have strong reasons.
You will encounter setbacks and if your reasons are strong, then you will follow through during the tough times. You will press through to the other side to get to your vision.

4. Review it and feel it everyday. Imagine It!
When you feel forward and imagine how it will feel once your vision is manifested, then you are connecting to the energy of your vision. This process helps bring your vision to fruition faster. Get in the habit of imagining your vision just as you want it to be. What does it look like, feel like?

Having a vision for our lives is paramount and contributes to our total well-being. As humans, we thrive in progress and contribution. We feel good about ourselves when we progress; and when we contribute to a cause it builds confidence.

Start Here:

Successfully setting and achieving goals also comes from raising our standards. Too many of us actually lower our standards because of the people with whom we surround ourselves. Raising standards and backing those standards up with rituals result in lasting change in our lives. Many people believe that it takes will power to achieve a goal, but will power does not last. However, rituals do. It takes about 30 days before a consistent activity, if done every day becomes a habit. Give yourself 30 days of doing a ritual that will contribute to achieving one of your goals. For example, if your goal is to get healthy set aside a certain amount of time in the morning for a walk in nature, a healthy breakfast and meditation. Whatever you decide works best for you, commit to yourself to do it everyday for 30 days. I guarantee at the end of the 30 days, your ritual will have become a habit that you will more than likely continue. I assure you this path will get you to a healthy body, mind and spirit!

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How To Develop A Success Mindset

Have you analyze why you do the things you do in life?

Each of us has the capacity to change our minds and the way that we think. We can change our mindset if the current one is not working for us; and most of us could use something. Keeping in mind that a belief is only a thought that we keep thinking, it’s easy to understand how simple it is to change a belief and thus change a mindset.

All of the personal development books that you will no doubt read, hear and absorb on the road to entrepreneurship and business must be preceded by self-awareness. Truth be told, all of the books, DVDs, seminars and coaching really won’t sink in if you have not crossed the threshold of self-awareness. Are you aware of what you are thinking? Have you become the observer of your thoughts? Do you analyze why you do the things you do? Do you question your motives?

If the answer is yes, then you are standing at the door of personal expansion, and are ready for Tony Robbins’ 4 Simple Steps that will move you into developing a new success mindset:

1. Select an area of your life that you would like to improve and describe what that area is like for you currently. Be Specific.
For example, your health may be poor. You may be overweight and suffering from diabetes, high blood pressure and fatigue. 

2. Write down the rituals that have shaped your current condition in this area. Be honest.
For example, you may eat processed foods, sugary snacks, drink sodas, don’t eat vegetables or exercise regularly. You may not drink enough water, and you may not get enough sleep.

3. Write down what you want. What is your compelling vision? Be specific.
For example, you want to be healthy in order to live a long prosperous life; to be around for your children and grandchildren or to be the example of health for your family. This is more important than just losing weight, or fitting into certain size clothing.

4. Write down rituals that will get you your compelling vision. What do you need to do differently each day to get what you want?
For example, you will wake up at 6 am to meditate for 30 minutes, prepare a healthy breakfast of oatmeal and fresh berries, and you will walk for 30 minutes every day.

Writing everything down in a journal, rather than on loose sheets of paper, will give your work the respect it deserves. You must make that small shift for yourself, because truly this is some of the most important work you can do for yourself.
This is far more important and valuable than any marketing strategy that you could ever implement.

Keep this in mind as you move toward your vision whatever it is…

It is not what we get that makes us happy, but it is who we become and what we are able to give, because we have become more. That sense of contribution is what creates the deepest meaning.”  “Tony Robbins

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College Majors that are Useless: Is this True

College Majors that are Useless


Its crazy to say this morning I was reading this one article about College majors that are useless. As I see the word useless its trying to say its a waste of time. I’m going to be honest nothing in college is useless its profitable for your mind and your life. Now if you go to college to make more money and you find yourself not liking your major or classes than what makes you think when you when you graduate with that major you might be in the work field and get tired of it and hate your job. The idea is for you to love what your doing and not complain about it. This is why I love working from home because you love what you do and you name your paycheck. For instance, I went to school for political science and graduated and suddenly Im now doing internet marketing. I love what I do because you have the potential to grow as a person and have fun. Many of us dont see the importance of being part of free enterprise. Being part of an MLM company is great because of growth. Now going back to the college majors that are useless according to by Terence Loose

Are you going back to school in hopes of graduating to more job opportunities?

You might want to avoid these degrees.”

1)Agriculture 2)Fashion Design 3)Theatre 4)Animal Science 5)Horticulture

One thing I can say is the reason these majors that are mentioned is useless its because its too competitive. There are lots of people getting laid off their jobs and the unemployment rate is growing. This is why I will always and continue to say if anyone is losing their job or graduates from college and cannot find a job get into an MLM company and join me. It could be possible their could be too many college students taking this major. My suggestion to this article about the worst college majors that are useless, I believe its important to have a plan B and that is work part time from home by building a business. Join me now to discover your plan B for your career.   

Guarantee your way to becoming Successful

Many veteran Internet Marketers saw the Empower Network, and immediately dismissed it as the next shiny object to suck people in – never looking at the power behind it! What they are now finding out is that the Empower Network is an awesome tool that can be used by veteran and new marketers alike. So what does the Empower Network have to offer the seasoned marketer that they don’t already have?

Its Never Too Late!!!

Even the powerhouse marketers know that when they bring someone into internet marketing, whether it’s through a marketing system or through a network marketing business, it can be LABOR INTENSIVE! So much so, that the seasoned marketer really doesn’t have time to deal with it all! You know the phone calls – ‘my autoresponder isn’t working’; ‘It has been 2 whole days, and I haven’t generated one lead’; ‘how do I connect the knee leg bone to the thigh bone’ – You know the calls, because you received them!
The Empower Network offers something that no other program can offer – a plug and play system that even a 6 year old could use! There is no ‘technical difficulty’. There shouldn’t be any calls that seem to take FOREVER to fix one little problem! Now, veteran marketers can market this system to their followers without worry of if the people they sponsor will be able to handle it. No more wondering if that new person is going to sink or swim!… If they’ll make any money… None of that!!!
The training in the Empower Network is a veteran marketers dream! The Fast Start training videos tell you EXACTLY what you need to do, when to do it, and how often! There is no need to have a ‘mastermind’ on basic marketing techniques. The Empower Network training videos and calls will do all that for you! Wooo…. Do I smell a little more freedom for veteran marketers to grow some more?? Do I hear the voicemail emptying out to leave space for leads to leave a message, instead of a voicemail full of calls from junior marketers calling for help? You’d better believe it!
The pay off for the vet from the Empower Network is the PAY! When you get your folks plugged into the Empower Network, watch your bank account SWELL! You get the 100% commissions… ON THE SPOT! Did I tell you that you get every 2nd, 4th, and 6th sale from the person you sponsored, and THEN every 5th one from then on… FOREVER…! How’s THAT for residual income?! … What’s more is that the Empower Network already provides the sales funnel for the upgrades! You just need to share the Empower Network and let the system do the rest!
Ready to free up more of your time? Join the Empower Network NOW!

3 steps to Market Empower Network Offline

Marketing Offline Empower Network! 

The Empower Network is a fantastic way to get started on the internet! But you know what everybody is doing? Marketing it on the internet! What is the best thing to do in marketing to get results? Do what nobody else is doing! That’s why you should market the Empower Network offline!

The trend right now in marketing is to market yourself and your business on the internet – learning to build your brand as a leader, and generate an endless stream of leads and income. That’s great! Did you know that there are still oceans of people who are not online that would LOVE to start marketing online, but don’t know how?!

Here is a simple 3-Step process you can use to market the Empower Network Offline

  1. Find networking groups in your area. You can use to find groups you’re interested in. Because ANYBODY can use the Empower Network, just about ANYBODY will be a lead for you. I would suggest staying away from groups that require you to pay a hefty annual fee to network. There are lots of free and low cost ones you can attend.
  2. Connect with other business owners. This is where this technique will get good to you! Ask them about their business and what a good prospect looks like for them. AND THEN…Ask how they are generating leads. Ask them if they ever considered marketing their business on the internet. Let them know that you can show them an easy cost-effective way to do it!Sidenote: You will stand out for miles, because you’re not pitching your business. You’re helping others build theirs!
  3. Follow up! At these networking events, most people are pushing their business cards out! Your job is to take all of them! They’ll want yours, too, so have them available. The truth is that most people that attend networking events NEVER call. You get to be the different one! Your call back can be: Hi Joe, this is ____. We met at [networking event]. We talked briefly about marketing your [insert business] online. You asked me to give you a call to discuss it further. [They are not going to remember whether they said  that or not!]

Using this technique to market the Empower Network offline will put Attraction Marketing in full force for you. You will become the most popular person in the room, and word will spread fast! Make sure you’re a part of the Empower Network! If you’re not, click here to join today!

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