Are You a Leader?

The key to “success” is becoming a leader in anything that you want. If you want to become a leader you need to always be motivated mentally. If you are confident about what you doing, success would always be in your hands. Whenever you are down on the ground because of an unsuccessful goal, make sure to get back up. Have a vision for yourself and always create ideas that will generate multiple ideas. The growth inside you is always going to be a process. The more you understand the word growth inside you, the more you are going to facilitate your life. Always carry inside you an ultimate goal that would allow you to have a vision that would never be forgotten. You always need to possess integrity and self confidence inside you. When you have both of these emotional factors you would minimize failure in your life. You have to have an underlying force that would create a powerful vision inside you. You always need to be able to gain knowledge and expertise, through effectiveness.

The way we are living today is to continue the same cycle as our parents have taught us to. The media, schools, and also books teach us to become robotic. For instance, it tells you to go to school, get good grades so you can go to the “best colleges”. And as a result you get rewarded with the good job that pays you well. And stability is what you will accomplish when you get a job. Is this cycle working for us? Are we taking enough action to become who we want to be as time progresses? This is absolutely not true, it’s not working for some of us because I have seen college grads looking for work and struggling to find something that works for them. For instance, I was reading an article by Sean Elezovic and he states
“According to the National Association for Law Placement’s “Employment Report and Salary Survey” issued in June 2011, the employment rate for law school graduates currently rests at 87.6 percent, the lowest it has been since 1996. Prior to the Great Recession in 2007, the employment rate reached 91.9 percent, a 20-year record high.
With national unemployment at 9.1 percent, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, where does that leave graduates in 2011-2013?
The students arguably take one of the worst forms of punishment this economy can create.”
This is could be a reason why college students are dropping out of college because of the way they see their future. It’s difficult in today’s time to go to school and find a good job. We need to find another sort of income to generate slowly and with time. If you are going to school it is always a good idea to “start working from home” 2 to 3 hours a day.
With so many job cuts, people getting layoffs, so many “jobs in demand for the future” is going to be harder for the next generation. The truth is there are many people who are looking to start their “own business online” to gain financial security, more freedom, and more time to spend with your family. Over the past two weeks, I have been doing a lot of research in regards of the economy. I was passing through a neighborhood in Landisville PA and one thing I notice was how many houses are vacated, for sale, and also how many people are moving to another state. How about the bankruptcy situation that has shocked the many by making it harder to purchase a home? Is our time, its our time to take control of our lives, its time to move to the top. The answer to how you can make it to the top is by becoming your own boss. Now once you join a company that’s giving you the “financial opportunity” to leverage, make sure you have patience. There is no such thing as an overnight success. It sometimes takes 2-5 year to make it in this business. The best part is you can still keep your current job while you are building your empire at your home. If you put in the hard work it will pay in the long run. Remember this as long as you put in the work in your “primary business”, you will quit your job in the long run.

“What we acquire without sweat we give away without regret”  I got this from a fortune cookie. 

Raymond Del Rosario

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There are so many “online marketing” business opportunity today. Its even amazing if you type in the phrase on Google “looking for online marketing business opportunity”. Could it be a waste of time to search for it? It is possible that it could be scam or it could actually work for you. Now whenever you are searching for an online marketing business you need to research the compensation plan and how long the company has been online for. Look at the area of where results has came through. The best thing about joining any “online marketing” company is the cost is very small. For instance, if you want to start a small business you need to pay at least $10,000-$150,000 to start. How crazy it is to say this many people refuse to join an online marketing business opportunity to look for a salary job when that salary job can make you stay forever with the same salary. In order for you to grow you need to work more than 40 hours a week, have very good relationship with the business owner and also be on point with everything you do. You can never miss work, there is no time for you and also you can’t most likely never take the vacation of your dream. By joining an “online marketing” business you have the potential of making five to six figure incomes by spending a small amount to join. If lets say you join a online marketing business and you put in 20 hours of work weekly for 6 months, the results of it means you might be earning more than your primary job. Now if you are coachable follow other online Guru’s than it can be even sooner that your results can be in your hands. Before anyone searching for what they want to do in life, if its looking for a job, becoming successful, or finding stability, the most important phrase to find is the definition of what financial freedom mean. Gaining financial freedom in your life can change all aspect of your lifestyle. If you have children it allows you to spend more time with them. Not only will you accomplish more time with your children, but you are also able to enroll them in the best schools. Remember poverty sometimes can destroy families. For instance, if you are married and suddenly you are living in a home and suddenly you lose your job and you are unemployed for a year and cannot find a job and your wife is the only one working in a job. What can happen is you might lose your home and she might become frustrated because of not being able to contribute in the house. My statements might not be for everyone, it is for some. I’ve heard several families being destroyed because of finance. You might believe me or not but it has happened. Life is a cycle where you can have your up and downs. The only way you can prevent the up and downs is by staying stabled in one position. Try moving forward towards something good and positive with yourself. If you are looking a job in today’s bad economy try to have something on the side. Have a plan B in case you lose your primary job. But remember if you are in your primary job and you start online marketing than it might not be long for you to keep your primary job as your results might come in sooner than you might think. Remember as soon as you start your online marketing business it is not a overnight success, it takes time to have results. I hope the information that I provided is helpful for many job seekers. And remember if you need any help with finding a way to generate extra income from your home.


Procrastination is something many people fail into and end up suffering internally.  On a regular basis, the reason why people go through problems is because of the lack of motivation. Procrastination can destroy you internally and will not allow you to progress in whatever you want to do in your personal life.  It holds you back with anything you want to accomplish whether its a profession or something important in your lifestyle.  Many experts think that procrastination is a person being lazy and not wanting to pursue something they want.  The definition of procrastination is a personal feeling without any hope, being tired, depressed, frantic of not being able to feel the reality of life.  What it does it traps your mind until you fall down and never get back up again.  For instance, have you ever notice a family member or a friend who goes to school and suddenly takes a test and fails and after that person fails he/she decides to never take the exam again.   Why do people do this?  What causes our minds to go through failure? Procrastination is emotional and a physical symptom that often causes depression.   There are 3 reasons why people fall into procrastination. 1) Whenever want to organize something its difficult to accomplish.  2) Fear of others disapproves you. 3) Schedules and Routines causes you to get angry and frustrated. The unfortunate truth is that often, a ‘snowballing’ effect can happen, you may be stressed and under pressure at work, then causing you to panic, which may then trigger depression which in turn can make thing very difficult for you to do. However it happened, it’s important you get out of it, otherwise you may find that nothing will ever get done because you’re too miserable and negative to bring yourself to do it.  Whenever you have self doubt it makes you feel uncomfortable on how certain things need to be done and it causes you to not complete it.  Being uncomfortable does not allow you to do any activities that will cause you failure and stress.  Whenever you feel these tensions of it make sure to think about others who surpasses through the activity that you feel uncomfortable about.  Another problem that we run into is whenever you commit something that is not right it leads to guilt and because of that guilt would not allow you to social or do any of your normal activities on your daily life.  Always think twice before you do something to others that you would not like that person to do to you.  Another problem is habitual people who are found through procrastination as an automatic response in the mind.  It stays in the mind until they find the solution to it and realizing what the problem of it is.  The way to prevent it from being a habit make sure you stay on top of it and not allow for the same thing to happen daily to you.  Change your routine and adapt into something positive.  The ways to overcome procrastination is make a list of things you are going through in your life that is not working for you. Make sure you plan ahead of time by prioritizing everything on your list in order of importance, and implement the tasks until they are done.  The way to overcome procrastination is through allowing yourself to be organized.  Make sure whenever you accomplish a task reward yourself with something that you love to do.  Allow yourself for a true relief and satisfaction that comes naturally that would not allow anything to break you down into failure.  Failure is not an option in your life.  Overcome every barrier that you have in your life.


There are so many people who are mislead with a JOB or a 9-5. There are so many contradictory against it when it comes to progression. Some of us today think by having a job mentality is the solution for financial freedom. As the days go by there is always going to be a bill on your mailbox that you have to pay for. If you don’t pay for it, than it could lead to your phone bill getting cut of, not being able to live in a home, and much more. The truth of the matter is many people with job mentality do not want to become entrepreneurs. They do not know the meaning of it. In the past right before the 1930’s, there was so many people who had their own business and when you look at now people depend on others for jobs. For instance, whenever you see a network marketing company or a business opportunity its all about progression in life. If you can get started right away and not wait for an interview what is it better to get paid daily or biweekly according to your work efforts. I ran to a company call Empower Network which gets you paid daily a 100% percent commission and residual on top of that. Many are taking advantage of the company today. We have close to 500 members joining daily. Now the question why they are joining daily is because of the benefits you would be getting with this company. If you have a support system, a way to generate income from your home, being able to still keep your primary job, and having the potential of making 100k annually wouldn’t that make sense to someone who is looking for a 9-5 job where there is no guarantee for growth in your life. Now this might be a post that many might look at and say “does it make sense or not. I believe that every single person who has a 9-5 job has the potential for growth. We all hold inside us entrepreneurial hearts. Whenever we give away a business opportunity that leads to progression, we are giving away a dream. If you are thinking of vacationing when you want and where you want, having a job is not going to allow you to have that kind of freedom. If you are thinking of buying a home and you have to borrow money from the banks than having a job is going to take forever to buy a home in less you get a bank to loan you the money but then you are going to be in debt for 15-30 years. What happens if you lose your job and you cannot pay your mortgage? The consequence are going to be you have to go back and rent a place or just sleep over other people’s houses. I just want to give this advice to everyone who has a job mentality always have a plan B, have something on the side in case something happens to your job. Get involved in a business opportunity that has a good compensation plan that is going to lead to financial freedom in the long run. Join Empower Network with me if you are thinking of progressing and succeeding in life.

Why online Marketers Fail in their primary business?

It might be difficult for many online marketers but the way to say it is by writing it. One thing to understand to get results marketing your primary business online does not happen overnight. You have to be consistent to whatever you’re doing. If your blogging make sure you are writing every day. Read at least one hour a day on self developments, something productive that you can teach others. For instance, there was a friend of mine that was blogging everyday and suddenly she wrote an article about unemployment and the economy down turn. It was a great article there were many online marketers that were reading it and commenting on it, but all of a sudden she stop blogging and abandoned her blog. One important tip does not abandon your blog. I was a victim of it and I abandoned my blog for months. I literally was not doing anything to it. I recently started blogging a week and half ago and one thing I been doing ever since I stop blogging has been learning how to self develop myself. I was training on how to market myself offline. Moreover, try not to overwhelm yourself with information about your product. If you are learning how to video market master it and move on to the next step of learning a different marketing tool. Do not do SEO, Article Marketing, and PPC in the same time because it’s going to stress you out. Do not devote 8 hours a day 7 days a week and never work on recruiting offline. The other mistake that many online marketers do is they do not invest smart in their business. If you are going to purchase Aweber to email market make sure you get your money’s worth. Use your spending one step at a time. I have invested thousands and thousands of dollars of trainings and products for me to grow my business. Now don’t get me wrong there has been certain spending that has resulted for me as a scam. I have lost tons of money on marketing tools that do not work. And everything has been because I never researched the product or a service that is being provided to me. But I never gave up, I just continued to learn from my mistake. Always research a product or services before purchasing it. If you are investing on books that is not a bad investment, for instance let say you read books on self development that is not a bad investment because you’re improving yourself. Therefore, always invest wisely and never overspend when you are not going to use it all. Take your time with your investment in your primary business. Always prospect always be recruiting, never stop recruit. Now always remember whenever you are starting a business be consistent and market with variety.

Are you struggling?

The result in the mind happens when you’re only thinking about the outcome. It is crucial in life to always pursue your steps ahead and not backwards. Whenever you are in a financial struggle never look back toward the negative always look towards the positive. Whenever you feel damaged inside yourself as if you are worth nothing in life always think about how uplifting it can be when you empower yourself to never give up in anything that you want to do for yourself. There are so many combinations of mis-belief about inner mind of it being a failure when you try to accomplish a goal and whenever you look at the outside world its always going to be an experience that not only you go through. For instance, whenever you at your friends, enemies, co workers, parents and even people you don’t even know has it helped to at least recognize that your not the only one who goes through struggles in life. Always perceive yourself as a good person and never as a bad person there is always going to be barriers in your way. Whenever a negative image comes inside your identity question yourself is it you or it is the next person trying to be you? Reprogram yourself in a life journey where you can take others with you and be looked as a leader in life. Whenever you notice are down, depressed, and lonely think about overcoming your struggles. Remember the majority of behaviors are just ways of life, and it can be changed with time. For instance, whenever you think about financial freedom, being a good parent, or being in good health there is always going to be actions inside you to think about. The way you think is always going to be viewpoints which as a result will hit your emotions. Therefore, whenever your experiences change its because your viewpoint hits your emotions and that’s when your lifestyle changes. For example, lets say you wake up one morning and suddenly your mind has woken up thinking about financial success, it would make you feel like a million dollars. With this in mind it would cause you to be more productive in life by working hard and moving to the top and never looking down. If you are a person who’s always without any money, it’s because your belief doesn’t match with being wealthy. If you think like a rich person, your decisions towards things will be much better. Always act as opportunities are always going to be out there for you. Never stay in the bottom of a tunnel inside a dark room where there is nobody to look up to. Successful people always fall down and keep moving up and that is important to consider in life. If you live in the United States take advantage of the benefits and opportunities you have in your hands. There are so many countries that do not give the same benefit or education to their people. Learn to believe in yourself and always take control of your mind and never let others take control of you. Whenever you are thinking about money ask yourself this question is your paycheck paying your bills, can you buy a new home, can you afford to buy a new car, and can you pay college for your kids? Always create a result that is better than in the present moment.


I was talking to a friend last night about my business opportunity. He responded to me by saying there is no such thing as a get rich quickly. I told him it’s not about getting rich quickly its about being able to be financially free. It’s important to know many network marketers fail because they think success comes overnight and one thing I can say it’s a process. The harder you work to learn how to market your business the better results you will get. I don’t believe someone can get rich without any work. In order for you to get rich a person must try to work harder than successful people do. For instance, I have a friend right now who is working for a direct sales company and he is making $5,000 a week. What he did in the beginning was get no sleep because all he did was study his profession. One advice I can give is this if you are thinking about becoming successful in life, do what other successful people do. Read book about self development; keep in track of how you’re progressing. Never stay steady, always try to move up in life. Always look to better yourself night after night. Now don’t get me wrong if you win the lottery than you got rich quickly. The other way you get rich quickly is by collecting your inheritance from a rich relative. Now the best way if you are thinking of becoming rich quickly is through exposure. If you brand yourself and tell your story through video marketing, blogging, and using face book than you are going to be connecting to people. Connecting to other people is what may successful people do even though it’s not told. Now one thing to understand is if you here somewhere about a marketing system that does not require any work to get paid it’s not true. Now if you learn how the system works than try to learn more on how to market the system. The system might work but you need to put some kind of work in order for you to make money. One thing I can tell you is this I have seen network marketer make money in less than two years. Now a person who goes to school for 12 years makes money but they carry on debts to pay back, whereas, a person who gets involved in a network marketing company makes residual income in less than two years makes more money than a doctor and lawyer. Now getting rich quickly is something many people would want but its important to understand it’s a process.

Learn to Recruit Online

MLM Recruiting Online, Top Secret Social Media Strategy

By David Woods

Online MLM Recruiting, can you build a successful MLM business online? The truth is that you can build a business online, and you most certainly can recruit people online. In order to make a lot of money in the MLM industry, you need to recruit people on a regular basis and you need those people to recruit more people. You cannot build a large MLM organization through online recruiting. You can personally recruit online, but online marketing is not duplicatable. This means you can’t teach a team of 100 to recruit online.

If you want to see long term success in this industry, you need to use offline marketing. The biggest organizations in this industry were built through warm market advertising. Where reps would hold home meetings and recruit their friends and family. It’s a very simple way to duplicate a team to 100,000 people. Whereas online marketing, it’s virtually impossible to grow a team of anywhere near 100,000 people. Online marketing is a skill that can only be learnt over time, it’s not instant!

As long as you understand that in order to grow a huge team and I mean HUGE, you must use offline marketing. At the end of the day, recruiting is simply a numbers game and it’s about sharing your opportunity with others. It’s about sharing your dream and vision of being financially wealthy with others. Now what’s the easiest way to recruit people online?

Is it article marketing, is it SEO, is it blogging or maybe pay per click advertising? Nope, its social media. Using social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace you can easily tap into an abundant source of Networkers. People who are already in the MLM industry and may well join your company. It’s so easy that you can just add people on Facebook, then talk to them live on the instant messenger.

If you want targeted people you just need to find a few groups to do with MLM and add the members. People will accept you, period! As you grow your Facebook account, you will probably get to a point where you have 200+ people on the instant messenger every day. That’s 200 people a day you can prospect live, you don’t even have to speak with them.

If you want to see success through Facebook then start a normal conversation, then ask your prospect about MLM. Then tell them to go view your company presentation. It’s that simple. Remember to call them up afterwards to seal the deal. Recruiting doesn’t have to be difficult, especially online.

You can instantly tap into millions of people on Facebook and other social networking sites. Remember, it’s just about sharing your opportunity with others. Try speaking to 10 people a day and you will eventually sponsor some of them. After you start sponsoring new reps, you need to teach them your strategy. Then the possibilities are endless!

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