How To Find Your Clue To Success

How To Find Your Clue To Success

Many of us who are in the network marketing industry do not know how to find a clue to success. If you are reading this post its because you might of been in a situation where you thought the clue to success was right in you but was not there. I had a distributor who was struggling because of fear. Her biggest worry was talking to people on the phone and I told her the more you do it the better you are going to get at it. Creating a habit of everything you feel uncomfortable doing that’s going to be beneficial is the best way to find your clue to success. Success leads tracks of foot steps when you feel it inside you. If you have a goal for example to by a new car and you visualize it daily than that means your subconscious mind is telling you to do something about it. I have seen distributors receive great advice but never took it serious by not understanding that one lesson is worth more than ten thousand words. Regardless of having issues with recruiting other people you need to understand the only way to make it is by expanding your comfortable zone.

Secret Steps To Finding Clues To Success

Did you know if you do everything other network marketers are doing online by promoting their business on Facebook, the likely hood of you getting results will be low. Why do you believe its low well lets say David Wood tells all his empower network members to post status on Facebook at 8 am guess what because everybody is doing it nobody is going to get results. You must do things that are difficult for distributors to do. For example, if you never made phones call before than make sure you start doing it because believe it or not this is something many network marketers are not doing because its something that requires effort and dedication in your part. One of the best ways to help your downline grow is by giving them a specific task that would not take time to do. For instance, make sure you tell them to write a list of 50 people they know so you can call them in their part. Believe it or not I created a video on YouTube teaching on grow your team like never before. After you call or their leads they are going to discover how easy it is to do it.

Now if you take a look at the beginning when I mentioned about the clues of success not being there now its their. You must make sure you teach your downline basics that are a step process of them discovering how easy it is. When it comes to completing tasks that you never thought before it takes minimum of 20-30 minutes to get started. If you fear talking on the phone make sure you call 30 phone calls daily. As you grow and get more comfortable increase it. You are going to begin to discover something you never thought before. That is success! Doing the things that are out of your comfort zone must be done on a repetitive bases. I remember when I first started doing videos on YouTube I had so much fear to do it and trust me I was super shy and didn’t know what to say and now when I speak on YouTube its so easy that I got so addicted to it that I can lead by example.

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Do We Have Proper Education On Our Wants?

Do We Have Proper Education On Our Wants?

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning if we have proper education. In this moment start to thin about how many years do people have to go to school and spend in it.

Elementary Schools-7 years sometimes
Junior and High School- 8 years
College- 4 years
Total years -19 years

Do you believe we as people are spending too much time in going to school and is it a good investment for us? Some believe school is the best way to find a job and others believe going to school is the best way to expand your mindset. Like they say knowledge is power and without knowledge life can be difficult. Now I will tell you this I have met many people who has never gone to college and they have made more money than people who get out of college. Why does that happen? Reasons can be because they might read daily or maybe because they might be the type of gifted person. I can honestly say this many people do go to school because they want to find better opportunities but the sad part is some do not find it because of our difficult economical times we are having now.

Is it worth going to College?

Over the past few years I have met so many college graduates that never found a job after graduating. Does college guarantee your success? College today can cost you over $15,000 a year on average. Therefore, many banks of giving school loans away to students the problem with that is if that student does not have a job after graduating what does he do? The main problem that most college have is they do not have any courses on success or entrepreneurship. Imagine we would have courses on success how big do you think this country would be with wealth. Most people today have a one road mindset of reaching retirement until they are 62 years or older. Is is a good thing to spend 19 years of going to school and spending over $40,000 during the four years of college? Absolutely not we should prep yourself to become entrepreneurial and feed our minds with as much knowledge as possible. The best way to gain this is by studying any course you desire but in the same time make sure you always focus on self development. Without self development in your life you are going to always break down in difficult moments. Now I want to point something out here what do you think its better spending $40,000 to go four years to college or investing $100 to attend a two-three day course on success? Most people would prefer to spend $100 instead of $40,000 without a problem.

Figure This Out Yourself

Many individuals today are struggling financially do not look for a way out instead expand the problem further. If you are in a situation of asking yourself “why didn’t I get a better job if I went to school did everything my parents told me to do and I cannot find a good paying job.” You must take a look at your current situation and ask yourself has their ever been a time when you were offered an opportunity and you said “NO” to it? Probably yes! There are so many opportunities out their that many do not take advantage of. I can honestly tell you college is great only if you want to learn and build your mind with a profession but its not recommendable to go to college only for the money because if you do not like that profession you are going to be horrible in it. Its like going to medical school and only going for the money that is insane because if you do not enjoy what you do than you are always going to be stressed out.

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How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

How To Grow Your Business For The Long-Term

Many network marketers think short-term instead of long term. As a result many fail because of the lottery mentality. When it comes to a regular 9-5 job that’s paying you well you might be thinking about long term instead of short-term. In this post I am going to be covering on how to not fail instead grow your business long term. I remember when I started marketing online I was wasting time getting on Facebook doing nothing and also opening my emails every our. When you are in this business you need to manage your time well. The number one thing to remember when it comes to running a business is you need to focus on high end activities.

A Few Examples Of High End Activities

-Create a blog
-Writing daily
-Learn how to use autoresponder
-Writing sales copy
-Do videos daily
-Connect with people daily
-and more

As you are learning all of this you share it with your list or the people you connect with. Like Jim Rohn states, “learn, practice, and teach others and you will find success.” Make sure you are always building a good relationship with your connections that way you are building a list. Now I will tell you this as you might of read the above task you might notice they all take time to develop because its a skill set to learn. The main thing you should do is learn one task at a time for example, if you want to learn email marketing what you should do is create a folder in your email accounts and name it email marketing. Once you do this you are going to go and search for successful businesses or people that are doing well and make sure you subscribe to their list to receive emails from them. Read their emails and study it and you will discover their is a power behind email marketing that creates long-term relationship with your customers.

Low End Activities

Low end activities means when you are doing things that are low productive but can lead to results. For example, connecting with people on facebook, twitter, and in other social sites.

-wasting too much time doing technical s things in your blog.
-Checking your emails every hour
-Buying courses after courses without implementing it your self.
-Talking on the phone with people that are not going to lead you to anything

Mistakes Not To Do When Growing A Business

If you are the type of person who loves your company make sure you create your own autoresponder the reason why its because if that company shuts down all your contacts are gone and you are without any list. The list you are building can be used for many ways and that is to offer whatever you are offering. I was talking to a gentlemen whose been in the industry for a long time and he uses lots of old school marketing. I told him about list building, he disagrees with it. I told him this is the best way to take your list to offer them whatever you want. If this your company shuts down you are going to have no list and that is what I was pointing out. Therefore, make sure you are building a list as you are in this industry.

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How To Get Out Of Debt: The True Secret

How To Get Out Of Debt: The True Secret

If you are in debt or know anyone who is in debt this is the post for you. One of the largest problems people are having today is financial struggles. People are afraid to buy things because of not getting in no more in debt. Today we are running into people not being able to buy houses, cars, and credit failures when applying to get cable television. Its said to say this the more people are in debt the more likely people are not going to be using credit cards and also loaning money from banks. What if everyone today had bad credit? We would probably not see anyone buying a house, car, and even get loans for college. How would this world be? In this post I am going to be discussing the how to get out of debt.

Are You Really In Debt?

You might be saying to yourself what do I mean by this? Its like a little voice behind your head telling you that you are out of control for buying things that you desire but cannot do it because you are in debt. You have to release the voice out of your head and learn how to manage you money better. Let’s Get started

Problem 1: Do you know where the money goes when you spend it? Many people who spend money daily do not keep track of their expenses. Another problem they do not look at their finances in the end of the month. You must review your finances every month so you can manage your money better. Solution to this problem is if you have a debit card or credit card log in your online bank account and look for the things you spended on in the past. When you take your expenses and add it up you are going to notice how big of a difference it is when you really see your spending. Therefore start doing this weekly or even daily if possible to get out of debt.

Problem 2: Are you overspending? I have ran into tons of people who overspend by buying too much of things they do not need. This goes with grocery shopping, eating at restaurants daily, paying cell phone bills and more. You have to mentally find happiness when you are spending. One of the main reasons why people overspend its because of advertisements that goes out on a daily basis. Make sure when you are buying something buy the necessary things you need. The best way to solve this problem with overspending its by putting your credit on hold and start using your debit card, cash, or check. Make sure you start to learn how to enjoy life without spending.

Problem 3: You might be confused of which debt to pick first. This can be very difficult for many people who have medical bills, student loans and more debts. Your main focus is to pay the debt with the highest interest rate first to get that out of the way. Try to negotiate with the lender by asking him how can I lower my interest rate. If they say no to you than just look for balance transfer option by consolidation loan. The reason I say this its because you will save more money by doing it this way.

Problem 4:You are unmotivated because of debt. This is a big problem people tend to give up when it comes to being in debt. Your life goals goes away everything you want to do in life is no longer a great thing for you. One of the best ways to motivate yourself is by reading self development books daily and listening to audios daily.

Problem 5: There is no funds left. You might be broke and cannot afford anything because of your debts and borrowing money from others. This might be one of the biggest problems. What you need to do is take small actions to increase your income. If you have to get two jobs and one pays your bills and the other one pays your debts that is a great way to start of. The other option I will tell you to do is start a home business to make extra income that would help you get out of debt faster.

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Personal Health and Fitness Through Goal Setting

One of the best things to have in life is personal health and fitness through everything you do. Reasons why its because of stress relief. Stress is the number one reason diseases are developed. If we do not take care of ourselves than we are going to be sicker. I want you to understand one thing there are so many opportunities for you to succeed in life when it comes to personal health and fitness. I bet you know someone who is going through pain, illness and disease of any kind and you do not know they are going through it because they never had a goal to cure it. In this post you are going to learn how to have a better personal health and fitness through goal setting.

New Years Goal

Have you ever been around a family member in the end of the year and all of a sudden they tell you their new year resolution is to lose weight by going to the gym? Guess what January is the highest enrollment month of the year for any gym you go to and the reason why its because of the new year resolution. I can promise you this most of the time people tend to go to the gym for one day and never come back why does this happen. The reason why this happens its because of your comfort zone and habit. You must expand your comfort zone in order to make it a habit daily. I will give you an example, if a doctor tells you that you need to lose 20 pounds in 35 days and if you do not do it than you will become diabetic, what will you do? Most likely you might take action on it but the point I am trying to make is lets strive for our goal by doing something thats going to help you. I will be honest, I hated salads and I kept eaten it every day because I knew it was something that is healthy for me. Now I love salads, therefore make sure you keep a commitment when you make a new year resolution.

Personal Goals

Personal goals are very important and that is when you write down on a piece of paper what you want to do with yourself. For example, I had a personal goal and that was to drop 35 pounds before 90 days and guess what I am already close to achieving my goal. I wrote it down for myself to remember it. Did you know if you the healthier you feel the better you are going to focus on things. When I was growing up, I use to read mens health magazines to understand how we eat and what is good for you. It tends to be confusing for most of us because we tend to look for experts to help us out with how we eat and diet. I can tell you this you can save your money on paying someone else to help you with that by learning yourself and implementing it. If you take youtube and type in the search bar healthiest vitamin, you are going to find my video one of the first ones and what I mean by this is everything is in front of you when it comes to learning about things. Follow these five steps when it comes to fitness goals and health.

1.Set personal goals

2.Write them down

3. Take pictures of yourself every week

4. Read daily about your health and wellness

5. Listen to audios or videos that has to do with health and wellness

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How To Let Go Of Your Past Horror

How To Let Go Of Your Past Horror

Many of us going through problems of not letting go of our past. What tends to happen is if you had a bad past it can dictate your future. For example, I had a discussion with a inmate who was in prison for 12 years and after he was set free, I was at a park playing basketball and all of a sudden we started to play a game. As I started to get to know him, we got to know each other enough that, he ended explaining to me how he is not able to let go of his past horror because he just came out of prison. This is something that happens to lots of people today when they do not understand how to let go of their horror. I remember when I was growing up and every single time I made a mistake it would stick to me for years afraid to make that same mistake. What tends to happen is you get stuck in a mindset that allows you to think negatively about yourself. Today as I am so gifted that god has helped me overcome problems that was stuck in me that couldn’t be let go. Now I am able to share with you how to get unstuck from your past. I wrote this post to help does that do not know how to let go of their past horror.

Challenges That We Face

We all have challenges in our life. If we do not know how to overcome those challenges than we are never going to succeed in life. The way things change for me was the people I was socializing with. What I started to do was surround myself with positive people that are more successful than me. This is one tip that I highly recommend you to do. Before I met with successful people, I used to not travel, never talk to people, or do anything that would lead me to expand my comfort zone.  You might be the person whose been in prison and never thought you can make it in life.  I want you to understand you can do this and make it in life.  Make sure you feed yourself with as many self development information as possible.  What you are going to notice is people that have been in worse situations been able to succeed in life.  Ask yourself this question what did they do differently that you have not done?  You are going to be surprised at what you are going to discover when you do this.  Watch Video

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Learn How To Build More Relationships By Networking

Last week I had a discussion with someone about networking with others which led to a debate because of the misunderstanding. In this post I am going to teach you how to build more relationships by networking. Continuing on with the debate I had with this person, what happen was I told this person in order to grow a business you must have a good network of people. This person answered that they do not need to have any friends or anything to grow a business. I started to answer with all the benefits of building a network and knowing lots of people. I have been self employed for more than three years now and before I used to not have a big enough network which created to no doors opening for me. I began to learn by reading lots of self developing books and listening to audios which made me understand how to network with other people. Have you have heard of the phrase “relationship first, and business follows.” This is something that many sales people learn in the beginning and that is to build rapport with their prospect before trying to sell them. If you learn how to build a relationship with other by providing value than you are going to see your income increase like you never thought before.

According to Dani Johnson A million-dollar skill set you can’t afford to miss

There is one thing every highly successful person has in common. It is a skill set everyone needs, but so few people will ever learn. But this is your chance to discover the secrets of the most outrageously successful people in the world. (And who knows, you could even become one of them!)

This is why so many online marketers are using autoresponders differently now than before. Now its all about building relationships with your prospects instead of selling them without no relationship building. If you opt in to any subscription you would notice how different things have been changing now in the online world. If you are a network marketer have you ever notice how other network marketers that are rookies market? They might be taught to spam their family with their offer without being properly trained on how to prospect which leads to failure. The best way to prospect your warm market is by having a conversation first and trying to identify their problem before offering the solution. This is a skill that sometimes takes time to develop.

Benefits Of Building A Relationship With Others

Many people do not understand the power of building a relationship to increase your network. The bigger your network is the more easier it is for you to find a job, make money, and become more successful. One of the best ways to build relationship with someone who is a stranger is by smiling and try to find a common ground. This works best when you are with the prospect and you are trying to lower their resistance. The prospect in the beginning tends to have a high resistance and your mission is to lower the wall. You must offer value and solution. Once you discover and learn this strategy you are going to be able to have your address book full of people you created a relationship with. If you find this information valuable make sure you share this with your family, friends, and teammate.

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Three Big Money Mistakes You Might Be Doing

Three Big Money Mistakes You Might Be Doing

In this post I am going to show you the three big money mistakes you might be doing in your business or lifestyle. I am going to provide you the solution to those problems so you can live a wealthier lifestyle. It might be possible you might be having chronic problems with your spending and at the end of the month you might have not enough money to pay your bills which leads you to go a ask friends and family to lend you some money. I believe this is not a smart move because if people see you going through this situation they are going to find you irresponsible. This might be possible for many people. According to Karol Ward a New York psychotherapist whose earned helped many six figures income earners make better decisions with their money has stated “how you feel is how you deal…with money.”

1.Overspending-If you are the type of person who likes to overspend than you are going to lose lots of money over a lifetime. According to Ms. Wards states that most woman’s when they would get out of work in the evening would go and shop at stores for new clothing. Now one thing Ms. Ward discovered was overspending is related to management of emotional pain. One of the difference this happens is because when someone wants to live a similar lifestyle to their co-workers or neighbors while not understanding that every single person today has a different financial status. You might be asking yourself this question what is the solution to overspending. According to Marty Martin, a financial psychologist in Chicago states “Collect yourself by distracting yourself by meditating, praying, engaging in some physical activity or doing something other than making a money decision,” he says.

2.Financial Enabling-this means when a parents gets trap in helping their adult child through their financial problems. As a parent we hate to say no to our adult sons or daughters when they ask for money. The main problem is when we give them money it might be for unreasonable situations. For example, I met a 75 year-old woman who was giving money to her 52 year-old son, which was a total of $150,000 in 5 years which led to nothing just because the mother did not know how to say no to him. This woman by the name of Delores never understand this phrase by Mr. Klontz, “Money for doing nothing creates more doing nothing.” The best way to avoid this problem is not to spoil your children when they are young until they are an adult. Make sure you teach them to be responsible no matter how wealthy you are because if you don’t than its going to hurt you in the long run. Now I want to mention something here I am not trying to make you abandon your kids or anything what I am saying is make sure until they are employed let them become more responsible because if you do not do this you are going to experience tough moments in the long run.

3.Denying A Plan B-When you look at someone who is working in a regular job and you ask them “hows your financial situation they would tell you its horrible.” Trying to provide them a solution might get them upset and tell you they are going to wait until they are the age 65 to retire and the truth is they are not accepting the truth. Denying the future circumstances can ruin a lifestyle for someone. Imagine you are working 30 years at a job and all of a sudden by the time you reach 65 their is no pension or social security than what are you doing to do? According to financial planner Peg Eddy states “”Amazingly, some folks think there is a ‘money fairy’ that will bail them out when they reach 65 and they only have Social Security to depend on.” My best recommendation is to have a plan B to be able to help yourself and your family. I made a video on having a Plan B that I would like you to watch.

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Daily Habits Of Wealthy People

Daily Habits Of Wealthy People

This is a topic many people do not know and the reason I am doing this post its because it got my attention when I started to think about it. Question you might ask yourself how is it possible people become rich when they used to be broke in the past? Its a mystery to many of us because some think its luck, the unfortunate truth its not luck its a matter of how your mind is and how you think daily. I believe the best way to become wealthy its by having a strong mindset. In this post I am going to be covering the daily habits of wealthy people.

Early Risers

Many of us do not like to wake up early but the unfortunate truth is according to Tom Corley ” 44% wake up three hours before their 9-to-5 job.” Now you might be asking yourself what do they do during does three hours before going to work? This is something I have been explaining in the past few videos I have made and that is self improvement, reading educational material, and exercising. I honestly can tell you this once you start to do this you are going to notice a big difference in your financial lifestyle.

Keep A Running List of Tasks

When you go to work make sure you have a list of tasks ready in hand and once you get it focus on completing your tasks. Some of the wealthy habits are whenever they receive a daily to-do list they accomplish 70 percent of it. They do not focus on short-term plans instead they focus on long-term plans.

With everything I mentioned in this post you might of not known this but the reality is if you apply this into your daily activity you are going to be more productive and successful. What tends to happen is many people who have a 9-5 job tend to wake up one hour and half before going to work and never get things done during the day.  The reason I am bring this up is because I have ran into so many prospects that tell me they do not have the time to work their home based business.  I believe this is just an excuse to not succeeding. Make sure you daily activities are productive instead of non productive.  I am going to add another tip on the daily habits of wealthy people.

Limited Internet

This is a topic I don’t want anyone to get offended the reason I am bring this up its because using the internet can be very time consuming especially if you are doing things that are unproductive.  One of the best ways to spend time on the internet is connecting and educating yourself with new ideas daily.  The people you should connect with should be like minded people.   If you find value in this post make sure you share it with your friends and team mates.

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Three Ways To Build Self Confidence

Three Ways To Build Self Confidence

One of the main reasons people do not succeed in life its because they have a low self esteem. Have you ever been in a situation of being stuck inside you of not doing something because of your low self-esteem? Yes! Building your self esteem might take some work in your part and that is by becoming persistent in what you are attending in doing. I will now show you two ways to take out the negativity in you that’s not allowing you to become successful.

1.Self-Awareness Increase

Believe it or not but their is something in the back of your mind that tells you not to do something to keep you down. That little voice that you listen to is the cause of your failure. You might of been in this situation where you mind tells you that you are not good enough, not good looking, or smart enough. We as human beings do not see this or understand the words that our mind tells us to do. Once you understand how to take the negativity away from your mind you are going to be surprise at what you are going to discover within yourself. One of the best ways to increase your self-awareness is by writing a journal about your thoughts.

2.What Do You Dislike About Yourself

In your journal make sure you write down what you dislike about yourself. This can be written in a journal, word document, or even a piece of paper. Make sure when you are creating this list to add anything you do not like about life. As you are doing this task make sure you are asking yourself questions like do you accept yourself with what you dislike about yourself?

3.Reason Why You are always Going To Be Great

Usually when it comes to building your self-esteem it takes time and effort in your part. If you are able to socialize with other people and learn how others deal with their self-esteem that would be very powerful to discover. Now what you are going to do is write all the reason why you are great. This is something you need to read out loud so it can go deeply into your subconscious mind.  I just created a video for you to digest and learn so you can understand what I am explaining in this post.  Normally what tends to happen is failure happens because of fear and not being able to understand how to overcome fear.  I believe that self confidence can be increased if you learn more about self development.  Start to read as much as you can and watch videos on things that would help you get more confident in whatever you are doing in life.  Watch video below


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