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Learn How To Get Your Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Many of us today are getting overcharged using our cell phones. I can tell you from experience before I joined Solavei, I was paying a $130 with AT&T. I did not have UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB, I had limits. I was locked into a TWO YEAR CONTRACT. It really sucked for me because not only was I getting overcharged, but I was trying to save money in some way. So a friend introduced me to Solavei a Social Commerce company that allows you to get your cell phone for free and also make money. Now don’t get me wrong some people are comfortable paying $111 a month on their mobile service and some are not. I have spoken to numerous amounts of people about this situation in regards of the overcharges with their current provider and most of them wish to have their cell phone service for free. If you join Solavei today you are going to pay only $49 a month for UNLIMITED TALK, TEXT, and WEB .

Phone Service For Free With Solavei

Solavei did a pre launch in July 2012 and they started something called the lane where individuals would sign up and become part of a lane until it would officially launch. The launch officially started September 21, 2012. To go further in explaining why I joined solavei, I really felt financial freedom was a need for me. I got tired of working for someone else, not being able to spend time with my family, not being able to go on vacations wherever I want, I just got tired. So I began to share Solavei through social media and word of mouth using offline marketing strategies. I can tell you this before you join make sure you have a vision in mind and write your goals down that way you are able to aim towards it. Once you start you are only going to pay $49 per month unlimited Talk, Data, Text and save money monthly. Now you necessarily don’t have to recruit others if you don’t want you can just pay your monthly payments. But in order for you to become financially free you need to tell others about the Solavei Opportunity.  Solavei has changed my life watch video to learn more about Solavei.

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