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What Is Procrastination?

Procrastination is something many people fail into and end up suffering internally.  Question you need to ask yourself what is procrastination.  On a regular basis, the reason why people go through problems is because of the lack of motivation. Procrastination can destroy you internally and will not allow you to progress in whatever you want to do in your personal life.  It holds you back with anything you want to accomplish whether its a profession or something important in your lifestyle.  Many experts think that procrastination is a person being lazy and not wanting to pursue something they want.

The definition of procrastination is a personal feeling without any hope, being tired, depressed, frantic of not being able to feel the reality of life.

What Does Procrastination Do To You?

What it does it traps your mind until you fall down and never get back up again.  For instance, have you ever notice a family member or a friend who goes to school and suddenly takes a test and fails and after he fails, he decides to never take the exam again.   Why do people do this?  What causes our minds to go through failure? Procrastination is emotional and a physical symptom that often causes depression.   There are 3 reasons why people fall into procrastination.

1) Whenever want to organize something its difficult to accomplish

2) Fear of others disapproves you

3) Schedules and Routines causes you to get angry and frustrated

The unfortunate truth is that often, a ‘snowballing’ effect can happen, you may be stressed and under pressure at work, then causing you to panic, which may then trigger depression which in turn can make thing very difficult for you to do. However it happened, it’s important you get out of it, otherwise you may find that nothing will ever get done because you’re too miserable and negative to bring yourself to do it.  Whenever you have self doubt it makes you feel uncomfortable on how certain things need to be done and it causes you to not complete it.  Being uncomfortable does not allow you to do any activities that will cause you failure and stress.  Whenever you feel these tensions of it make sure to think about others who surpasses through the activity that you feel uncomfortable about.

Stop Procrastination

Another problem that we run into is whenever you commit something that is not right it leads to guilt and because of that guilt would not allow you to socialize or do any of your normal activities on your daily life.  Always think twice before you do something to others that you would not like that person to do to you.  Another problem is habitual people who are found through procrastination as an automatic response in the mind.  It stays in the mind until they find the solution to it and realizing what the problem of it is.  The way to prevent it from being a habit make sure you stay on top of it and not allow for the same thing to happen daily to you.  Change your routine and adapt into something positive.  The ways to overcome procrastination is make a list of things you are going through in your life that is not working for you. Make sure you plan ahead of time by prioritizing everything on your list in order of importance, and implement the tasks until they are done.  The way to overcome procrastination is through allowing yourself to be organized.  Make sure whenever you accomplish a task reward yourself with something that you love to do.  Allow yourself for a true relief and satisfaction that comes naturally that would not allow anything to break you down into failure.  Failure is not an option in your life.  Overcome every barrier that you have in your life.

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