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Do We Have Proper Education On Our Wants?

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning if we have proper education. In this moment start to thin about how many years do people have to go to school and spend in it.

Elementary Schools-7 years sometimes
Junior and High School- 8 years
College- 4 years
Total years -19 years

Do you believe we as people are spending too much time in going to school and is it a good investment for us? Some believe school is the best way to find a job and others believe going to school is the best way to expand your mindset. Like they say knowledge is power and without knowledge life can be difficult. Now I will tell you this I have met many people who has never gone to college and they have made more money than people who get out of college. Why does that happen? Reasons can be because they might read daily or maybe because they might be the type of gifted person. I can honestly say this many people do go to school because they want to find better opportunities but the sad part is some do not find it because of our difficult economical times we are having now.

Is it worth going to College?

Over the past few years I have met so many college graduates that never found a job after graduating. Does college guarantee your success? College today can cost you over $15,000 a year on average. Therefore, many banks of giving school loans away to students the problem with that is if that student does not have a job after graduating what does he do? The main problem that most college have is they do not have any courses on success or entrepreneurship. Imagine we would have courses on success how big do you think this country would be with wealth. Most people today have a one road mindset of reaching retirement until they are 62 years or older. Is is a good thing to spend 19 years of going to school and spending over $40,000 during the four years of college? Absolutely not we should prep yourself to become entrepreneurial and feed our minds with as much knowledge as possible. The best way to gain this is by studying any course you desire but in the same time make sure you always focus on self development. Without self development in your life you are going to always break down in difficult moments. Now I want to point something out here what do you think its better spending $40,000 to go four years to college or investing $100 to attend a two-three day course on success? Most people would prefer to spend $100 instead of $40,000 without a problem.

Figure This Out Yourself

Many individuals today are struggling financially do not look for a way out instead expand the problem further. If you are in a situation of asking yourself “why didn’t I get a better job if I went to school did everything my parents told me to do and I cannot find a good paying job.” You must take a look at your current situation and ask yourself has their ever been a time when you were offered an opportunity and you said “NO” to it? Probably yes! There are so many opportunities out their that many do not take advantage of. I can honestly tell you college is great only if you want to learn and build your mind with a profession but its not recommendable to go to college only for the money because if you do not like that profession you are going to be horrible in it. Its like going to medical school and only going for the money that is insane because if you do not enjoy what you do than you are always going to be stressed out.

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