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Do You Read For Pleasure Or Pain?

If you are a person who never read a book in your life this post is definitely for you.  I believe many reading is one of the best ways to develop skills in anything in life.  The more you read the more success you are going to have in your life.  This is something many people have pain towards and its important to read daily.  Reading can add one idea daily for you in your life which can lead to greatness.  Imagine how your life would be if you add one idea daily into your business or anything you do in life.  Do you believe you would be trading time for dollars or be rich?  It would certainly be more successful in your life to answer that question.   I was on a call last night with a network marketer and he was telling me about how difficult recruiting is for his business.  I ask him “do you read daily”, he said no.” Guess what because of that I have learned the reason why he is struggling and that is because he feels pain to read.  Does not like to read because he finds it boring.  Reading for him is like a waste of time, I told him “did you know most successful people read daily.”  He was not understand why?  I mentioned to him if you read daily your life is going to change as well as your thinking.  The reason why its because just by adding one idea daily can help him recruit more people into his business.   You must feel pleasure when it comes to reading.

You Must Read For Pleasure Instead Of Pain

If you read for pleasure than you are going to enjoy what you are doing.  I believe in one thing and that is feeding your mind with as much self improvement tips as possible.  If you are able to read for pleasure you are going to have a huge release of stress inside you.  Now they even have audio books available for people to listen to while taking a walk or even driving.  Now I would advice you this try reading a book that has to do with personal development and the reason why I say this its because it can help you with whatever level of stress you are going through in life.  This is the best way for you to absorb information when it comes to reading and that is learn, implement, and teach like Jim Rohn mentions.  Watch Video  Below


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