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The Real Unemployment Rate | Discover The Truth

By reading this article you are going to discover the truth about real unemployment rate. In the recent past years the real unemployment rate has not
improved.  If you look at the job agencies, there are no jobs
for people who are looking.  For instance, today I have a
friend who graduated from college and is still having a
difficult time finding a job.  Questions are in the next ten
years is it going to get worse or not?  This country
unfortunately is facing a lot of debts internally.  With the
facts in hand anyone you ask about their current job they
would tell you they would stay tight with it.  More and more
people don’t want to leave their job because of the difficulty
of looking for new opportunities. What I can tell you is this
in the end of this article you will discover a solution to
your problems.  Its still not too late to act now in regards
of your financial future.  Watch Video

Facts About Real Unemployment Rate

Now one thing I can tell you is this if you are looking for a
way to invest make sure you put your money in the right
places. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics the
unemployment rate went up to 8.3%.  This rate is not good, 8.3
means more than 13 million  people are without working right
now. Most of these people that are without work are mothersreal unemployment rate
and fathers trying to make a living for their kids.
When you put thought into it, the government does not tell you
the true rates in regards of how many people are unemployed.
The government tracks 2 types of real unemployment rate which are short
-term and long term. The long term unemployment means people
who gave up looking for a job and just rely on working under
the table or just low paying jobs.  So the question is how
many people are unemployed today?  Lets say there are more
than 50 million people unemployed it means people are using
their retirement pensions and saving to make a living.  Not
only that statistics also shows that more and more are looking
for government assistance.

What Is the Solution For Real Unemployment Rate?

If we can get more people to work than the solution would be
at hand.  The problem is the government is spending in places
where it should not be. Now I don’t want to get into a debate with anyone about this subject.  The solution also comes in hand if people start to have a PLAN B.  The best solution is to become self employed and not work for someone else because what happens is you lose out in the long run and end up burning yourself out.  Week after week with the same salary and not being able to live the dream life that you always want is not the way to live today.  Everyday that goes by try to learn a new skill that’s going to improve your inner mindset.  I am going to use an example, does it make sense to you for you to pay rent forever and ever.  Lets say your rent is $1000 a month, $12,000 a year, $120,000 in ten years that is not including your other expenses.   Watch Video

The Real Unemployment Rate | Discover the Truth By watching video


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