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Selling vs Sharing In Network Marketing

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about selling vs sharing in network marketing. Most people today do not like to be sold and the moment they feel or sense someone is selling them they get away. If you think or ask yourself this question everyone likes to buy whatever they desire or need. One thing most network marketers face is they sell the opportunity too quick without finding the prospects need or benefit.Continue Reading

Been Pitch Before On Social Media

You probably been pitched before on social media. A couple of days ago I was on Facebook chatting with a friend of mines and all of a sudden I received a message on my inbox saying “join, join this is going viral.” I replied with a message “this is not effective marketing because you are selling me instead of building trust and rapport, also you have not found my needs yet.” This is called selling the prospect without finding a need. Therefore the best way to present your opportunity is by helping others and finding their needs by asking discovery questions.

Step 1-Build trust and rapport, look for command ground with the prospect.

Step 2-FORM your prospect meaning ask them about their family, occupation, recreation, and message.

Step 3-Create sense of urgency

Step 4-Close

Watch The Video Below

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