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How to Set Goals on A Daily Basis

I was recently at a friends house who told me not being able to accomplish goals setting.  I then asked what are you writing?  He showed me his writing.  I showed him what his mistakes are and that is he has unrealistic goals.  I told him goals setting is not only about income it revolves around your whole entire lifestyle.  In order for you to be successful you need to accomplish your goals with your family first.  The reason why is because if you are able to be their for your family, you will have that support.  Whenever you have that support you are able to do better and better as your day passes.  For instance, there has been times when I had problems with my wife because she was telling me that I was not spending enough time with her and I didn’t know what was my mistake.  The reason why was because I was mainly focusing only on making money and forgetting about my marriage life.  I realized that I was over working and only thinking about me and not her.  The formula works like this write your goals down and start setting small goals first and climb the ladder as you are doing this.

More Tips On How to Set Goals on a Daily Basis !!!!Important!!!!

Write your goals down by making a list of ten.  Afterwards priorities the most important to the least important and accomplish first the most important on your daily activity.  Write your goals down before you sleep or in the morning before going to work.  One other tip that I can also give you is have a dream board about everything you want in life.  Make sure they are goals that you want to set for yourself.  Try not to tell anyone about your goals in less they are positive people.  Don’t make the mistake by telling a negative person.  Always surround yourself with optimistic people not negative.  As I mention on the video make sure you follow the steps I mention its going to help you.  Continue visiting my blog daily for more information.

Learn How to Set Goals On a Daily Basis!!Watch Video!!!


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