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As the New Years is getting closer many people who are in the Direct Sales and Network Marketing industry tend to give up on their goals during this time of the year.  I really don’t understand why? Is it because of the holiday excuse? We just don’t know. We are never going to feel motivated whenever we leave money on the table and believe it or not its tough for some of us whenever we look at our current results and in the beginning of 2012 we had a goal to make $100,000 and all of a sudden we were not even near $50,000.

Set Your GOALS As The Year Ends (DONT QUIT)

The reason I am wrote this post is so you don’t have to feel bad about yourself instead positive that next year is going to be your year. Its time for a change of mindset and the first thing you are going to do is make a list of a 100 goals for next year. Even though if you only complete half of your list of goals you are going to be a step ahead of what you ever thought of being. My goal in this post its for you to build your confidence and follow my leads as I have gotten results because of this.

Start Setting Goals Immediately

Start writing your goals immediately before the year ends. Make sure you pick THREE so at least your confidence would boost up. Lets say your goal has been to make 300 phone calls daily for three days and you have not been able to accomplish it, DO IT NOW! Even if you are not good at the phone remember one thing the more you do it the better you are going to get at it. I can assure you this if you start doing a hundred the first day and than 200 the second day you are going to see a big difference in your business.

What causes your Goals Not To Become Accomplished

If you are trying to become productive in your business you must not be lazy instead active. I have seen people trying to make it in life and all of a sudden something happens that breaks them down. Is it that little monster in your mind telling you stop what your doing because you ain’t worth anything? Or is it fear? Most people that are trying to set goals in their life normally fail because of fear. For more information watch video below

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