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Starting A Better Journey ~ Happy New Year 2014

Happy New yearIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in starting a better journey in 2014. I remember in January 2013, I had a main goal and my goal was to help as many people as I can become successful. But their was a problem for me I became selfish and only focused on me and not helping others. I learned the hard way that in order for me to see my vision I must changed. Therefore, I started to really focus on personal development and what I learned was you do not need to be a guru to provide value to the market place. Even if you are a beginner, you can still help people. In this post I am going to show you some of the ways to start a better journey for yourself.

Something Big Happened To Me In 2013

It was January 16 when I had over 115 videos on youtube and it got shut down. I made the mistake by putting a company name that is not YouTube friendly on my title of my videos. Not only that but their was a group of people flagging videos. I stop creating videos for a while and my hope got lost for a while until I gave up for a month. As I mentioned earlier I started focusing on personal development to improve my inner mind. After that I started to recruit 2-3 a week into my primary business and than after a month that number increase. I began to learn how to become a better leader. So what I started doing was provide value as much as possible. I did not make that many videos that time because I was afraid of getting my channel shut down. So after a while things started to get better for me and everything I lost in the past I recuperated. Everything from relationship with my family to my finance improved.

Throw Away Your Negative Memories In 2013

Remember one thing if you had failures in 2013, throw it away from your mind and just bring positive memories. Watch the video below

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