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What Stops You From Achieving Your Dreams

Have you ever had friends and family that wouldn’t accept you Achieving Your Dreams? I believe the answer would be yes. Have you ever had friends that tell you to “grow up get real, stop chasing rainbows,” Off course we had! Especially when you are a goal oriented. If your life has gone through moments where love ones have try to stop you from accomplishing your dream don’t quit and don’t forget your dreams. Dreams can always be accomplished, only time will tell. Now when you become successful and your dreams does come true, what happens next? The friends that laughed at you will come back to you and tell you that they knew you could make it. Unbelievable how life can become for some people. Now no matter where we are in life, we can always fix our mistakes when it comes to failure. One thing that’s important to understand achieving your dreams has no limits, what I mean by that is if your dream is to earn a million dollars, you can earn more than that only with a positive mindset of thinking big. Now I am not only talking about earnings but also the person you can become. By becoming a better husband/wife/parent, and worker. Once you learn how to receive positive thoughts inside your mind you will be able to reach limits where you never thought you couldn’t reach. For example, if you fear something you need to do, you need to do it in order to surpass it. If you are struggling financially make sure you write down why you are struggling financially and make sure you visualize your problem and fix it. Trust me this works. There was a time when I was selling door to door and I was nervous ass hell. I knew that in order for me to make money I had to do it. Its not easy to feel good about becoming successful in life when you are surrounded by negative people.

Start Achieving Your Dreams

Start to achieve your dreams by writing your goals down. Trust me your self esteem will boost up. Don’t let your mind take you to failure. This is the reason why people today quit something they love to do because they find it difficult and its out of their comfort level. One thing people are really comfortable doing is giving to others and making others richer. For instance, if you ever worked in a restaurant you work for what you are worth. You are giving the other person money for giving you tasks. What I mean by that is you are making the other person richer by you doing labor. Make sure you look at your current situation and understand that you are worth more than 8 dollars an hour. You can achieve your dream. Watch this video and also I have another gift for you underneath the video.


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