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The result in the mind happens when you’re only thinking about the outcome. It is crucial in life to always pursue your steps ahead and not backwards. Whenever you are in a financial struggle never look back toward the negative always look towards the positive. Whenever you feel damaged inside yourself as if you are worth nothing in life always think about how uplifting it can be when you empower yourself to never give up in anything that you want to do for yourself. There are so many combinations of mis-belief about inner mind of it being a failure when you try to accomplish a goal and whenever you look at the outside world its always going to be an experience that not only you go through. For instance, whenever you at your friends, enemies, co workers, parents and even people you don’t even know has it helped to at least recognize that your not the only one who goes through struggles in life. Always perceive yourself as a good person and never as a bad person there is always going to be barriers in your way. Whenever a negative image comes inside your identity question yourself is it you or it is the next person trying to be you? Reprogram yourself in a life journey where you can take others with you and be looked as a leader in life. Whenever you notice are down, depressed, and lonely think about overcoming your struggles. Remember the majority of behaviors are just ways of life, and it can be changed with time. For instance, whenever you think about financial freedom, being a good parent, or being in good health there is always going to be actions inside you to think about. The way you think is always going to be viewpoints which as a result will hit your emotions. Therefore, whenever your experiences change its because your viewpoint hits your emotions and that’s when your lifestyle changes. For example, lets say you wake up one morning and suddenly your mind has woken up thinking about financial success, it would make you feel like a million dollars. With this in mind it would cause you to be more productive in life by working hard and moving to the top and never looking down. If you are a person who’s always without any money, it’s because your belief doesn’t match with being wealthy. If you think like a rich person, your decisions towards things will be much better. Always act as opportunities are always going to be out there for you. Never stay in the bottom of a tunnel inside a dark room where there is nobody to look up to. Successful people always fall down and keep moving up and that is important to consider in life. If you live in the United States take advantage of the benefits and opportunities you have in your hands. There are so many countries that do not give the same benefit or education to their people. Learn to believe in yourself and always take control of your mind and never let others take control of you. Whenever you are thinking about money ask yourself this question is your paycheck paying your bills, can you buy a new home, can you afford to buy a new car, and can you pay college for your kids? Always create a result that is better than in the present moment.

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