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Are Excuses Acceptable For not Succeeding In life?

Most of us look for angles to succeed in life. I have ran into several people who told me they want to be this and that and they are never able to succeed in whatever they wanted to. If you say to yourself that you want to be something why not become it? Whats stopping us from accomplishing our goals is it our thought process or is it the way we are raised? Do you believe in the impossible? By you reading this post you are going to learn thats not impossible to be something you want to be. I am going to give you a list of 25 people who have been able to succeed in life by not allowing obstacles to get in their way.

1.John Lennon was abandoned by his parents and still made it to the top how did he do that?

2.John Milton became an English poet and he was blind. Have you ever ran to a situation when you thought you couldn’t do something because of some sort of problem you had?

3.Alexander the Great was a hunchback and still was able to become successful in whatever he was doing.

4.Beethoven was deaf and still was able to write. How can someone be able to become successful in writing when they cannot even hear their own voice.

5.JFK had very severe back problems always was injured and he still made it to the top by becoming president.

6.Walt Disney was let go by a newspaper publisher because he was not creative and look at his brand now. Do you think he’s creative?

7.Albert Einstein did not start to speak until the age of 4 and he was a genius.

8.Henry Ford went bankrupt 5 times and look at now where is the Ford Brand.

If you are still reading you should be already convince that yes it is possible to become successful in anything you want to do in life. Success can be achievable.

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