Starting A Better Journey ~ Happy New Year 2014

Starting A Better Journey ~ Happy New Year 2014

Happy New yearIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in starting a better journey in 2014. I remember in January 2013, I had a main goal and my goal was to help as many people as I can become successful. But their was a problem for me I became selfish and only focused on me and not helping others. I learned the hard way that in order for me to see my vision I must changed. Therefore, I started to really focus on personal development and what I learned was you do not need to be a guru to provide value to the market place. Even if you are a beginner, you can still help people. In this post I am going to show you some of the ways to start a better journey for yourself. Read the rest of this entry

Success Achievements On Reflecting Back To 2013

Success Achievements On Reflecting Back To 2013

new years eveIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about success achievements on reflecting back to 2013. When you look back at 2013 some might not be happy with their accomplishments and quit whatever they are doing. You might be going through severe stress right now and saying I have to make the year 2014 better because if I don’t I will loss my mind. What kind of achievement are you looking for it can be making more money, spending more time with your family, or getting a better job. In this post you are going to learn how to erase all the negative things out of you and see everything that’s positive. Read the rest of this entry

Committing To 2014 For The Better

Committing To 2014 For The Better

2014 goalsIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about committing to 2014 for the better. Every single day since December 1, 2013, I have been hearing marketers tell me they are going to put their business on hold until the new years. Committing to your business has to be daily not temporary, I learned this the hard way. In this post I am going to go over some of the ways for you to commit better for 2014. Normally what have seen is people commit to something they do not mean inside them. Read the rest of this entry

How To Break The Bad Habit Of Not Succeeding

Breaking a bad habit can be very difficult to do for many people. If you are the type of person who might be thinking about looking for other better opportunities than you must read this post. In this post you are going to learn what happens to people who say they are going to do something and never do it. I had a co-worker who hated his sales job and the reason he hated it was because he was not making any money. Now I told him what I was doing to make sales and bring volume into the company. I told him to make phone calls daily to set up appointments with customers and he was always telling me he was going to do that. Now whenever he said he was going to do it, he never did it. Question you might ask yourself why doesn’t he do it? A couple of days ago I was watching a video on Tony Robbins and Frank Kern explaining on why people do not do whats beneficial to them. Tony Robbins talks about fear. People do not succeed its because of fear. This gentlemen that worked with me had fear in him and that is what didn’t allow him to succeed. I remember when he used to tell me how motivated he was to get started with the business and all of a sudden the excuses start to fall under him.

Bad Habits That Break You Down

My co-workers name is Ken and he was discussing with me how he was going to make phone calls just like me everyday for three hours and it was Monday 9:30 am and he was about to start his phone call but something happened in his mind that did not allow him to make that first dial. First excuse was its too early to make phone calls, all of a sudden he got on the computer and started surfing the net. After 11 am passed he was on his first three dials and nobody picked up and he said “I need to use the restroom.” When he gets out of the restroom, he begins to make phone calls to his wife and starts chatting for 30 minutes with her. Now its 12 pm and its lunch time so in his head he is thinking let me eat and than I’ll start making phone calls. Now its 1 pm and all of a sudden he is talking to me again listening to me make phone calls, I am explaining to him about how easy it is when you get your fifth appointment and as the days continue the easier its going to get. We are now in 2pm but no phone calls from Ken, now he wants to do some studying before he makes phone calls. He is saying to me that he needs to go over his script before he makes the first phone call. I am telling him the best way to learn it is by being natural on the phone instead of being robotic because people feel if you are being fake on the phone. Now its 4pm and Ken is still studying his script and I tell him “Ken how many dials have you done today” and he tells me “three” I asked him why and he tells me because” I need to learn it before I start talking to people.” The main problem Ken is having is fear of making mistakes and being rejected.

Bad Habits To Stay Away From

Whenever you feel like you are making excuses that are minor you need to do it. For example, Ken could of just made phone calls at 9:30 am but he chose not to because of his excuses of not being able to do the correct thing on the phone. I remember when I started making phone calls to sign distributors into my primary business and the first call was a rejection, I was so scared that I couldn’t go to the next one. This is what you need to ask yourself if I do not do this than I will never be free or make any money. Always motivate yourself and think about your why. I made a post a couple of days ago on success leaving clues and believe it or not but if you look at your current situation of not having success make sure you plan your day and commit to doing something you are supposed to do for success.


2.Stop Procrastinating
3.Stop Being Negative
4.Stop Wasting Time
5.Stop Being Unproductive

Many of us do not understand how to get away from these five steps I just mentioned. You must focus on being positive and every single time you run into these situation think about your WHY and Goals.

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Personal Health and Fitness Through Goal Setting

One of the best things to have in life is personal health and fitness through everything you do. Reasons why its because of stress relief. Stress is the number one reason diseases are developed. If we do not take care of ourselves than we are going to be sicker. I want you to understand one thing there are so many opportunities for you to succeed in life when it comes to personal health and fitness. I bet you know someone who is going through pain, illness and disease of any kind and you do not know they are going through it because they never had a goal to cure it. In this post you are going to learn how to have a better personal health and fitness through goal setting.

New Years Goal

Have you ever been around a family member in the end of the year and all of a sudden they tell you their new year resolution is to lose weight by going to the gym? Guess what January is the highest enrollment month of the year for any gym you go to and the reason why its because of the new year resolution. I can promise you this most of the time people tend to go to the gym for one day and never come back why does this happen. The reason why this happens its because of your comfort zone and habit. You must expand your comfort zone in order to make it a habit daily. I will give you an example, if a doctor tells you that you need to lose 20 pounds in 35 days and if you do not do it than you will become diabetic, what will you do? Most likely you might take action on it but the point I am trying to make is lets strive for our goal by doing something thats going to help you. I will be honest, I hated salads and I kept eaten it every day because I knew it was something that is healthy for me. Now I love salads, therefore make sure you keep a commitment when you make a new year resolution.

Personal Goals

Personal goals are very important and that is when you write down on a piece of paper what you want to do with yourself. For example, I had a personal goal and that was to drop 35 pounds before 90 days and guess what I am already close to achieving my goal. I wrote it down for myself to remember it. Did you know if you the healthier you feel the better you are going to focus on things. When I was growing up, I use to read mens health magazines to understand how we eat and what is good for you. It tends to be confusing for most of us because we tend to look for experts to help us out with how we eat and diet. I can tell you this you can save your money on paying someone else to help you with that by learning yourself and implementing it. If you take youtube and type in the search bar healthiest vitamin, you are going to find my video one of the first ones and what I mean by this is everything is in front of you when it comes to learning about things. Follow these five steps when it comes to fitness goals and health.

1.Set personal goals

2.Write them down

3. Take pictures of yourself every week

4. Read daily about your health and wellness

5. Listen to audios or videos that has to do with health and wellness

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Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

Don’t Let Anybody Steal Your Dream

If you are the type of person who wants to achieve a success and you are always listening to dream stealers stay away from does people. The purpose of this post is to help you how to not quit your business because a dream stealer is trying to stop you from succeeding. What normally happens is a lot of times when we try to get ahead in life, it could be something that you never done before like build your business by working for yourself and your family member and friends might tend to put your down and tell you negative things about what you are doing. They are going to tell you not to break the cycle of insanity which means doing things over and over again for 40/40/40 (work 40 hours, 40 years, $40,000) saying. Most of the time their mindset might be towards you that its impossible for you to become rich because they are not. Here is the distinctions that I have learned today I have seen people buying brand new cars that are worth over $50,000 and be happy. Whereas, when it comes to poor people talking bad things about the rich. Rich people are not bad I have met a ton of people who are rich and the difference between some rich people and poor people is they think differently.

Differences between Dream Stealers And The Rich

Usually what happens is dream stealers think negative about themselves all the time. They feel they are never going to make it in life. If you are financially in debt take a look at your surroundings and count how many people are making more than 6 figures. Believe it or not you might be surprise of what you might discover. You must create your lifestyle by staying positive. Rich people always think positive.

Walk away from the 97% crowd. Don’t use their excuses. Take charge of your own life. Jim Rohn

I am about to share with you some ways to stop your dreams from being stolen.

1.Make sure you write down your dream and visualize it.

2.Make sure to share your dreams with people who are positive and are goal getters.

3.Always stay sharing your success story with others and never say negative story.

4.Make sure to never give up in whatever you are doing. Whenever you fall down in tears make sure to get back up.

5.Find a mentor who you can listen to or talk to about your dreams.

Whats important about the above video is dream stealers do exist today. Unfortunately if you have given up your dream someone stole it from you.  Remember stay positive and don’t give up.

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The Power Of Visualization

The Power Of Visualization

If you are in the direct sales or network marketing industry this post is for you. I am writing this post to help you understand the power of visualization. Visualization is something many of us do neglect when it comes to becoming successful. Success can happen to you if you understand the power of visualization. Have you ever thought of thinking at least once a day on what your dreams are. For example, as a network marketer you must have a reason why you joined your business opportunity and that might be to quit your job and to have more free time with your family. We are trapped into something many of us never realize and that is slavery within ourselves. Our minds are not conditioned to think deeply when it comes to accomplishing our goals. In this post I will teach you ways to visualize your goals and make it happen.

Stay Focus In Your Visualization Exercise

The best way to stay focus is whenever you are inside your car parked somewhere make sure you raise up your window and put your head back and close your eyes. Start to think about your goals and that would be whatever you wrote down on paper. Lets say you have a dream of a car and your goal is to drive that car make sure you visualize it as deep as seeing the color of car you are driving. The year and also the kind of seat you are seating in. Make sure you visualize yourself as you are driving and you see the streets and what time of the day it is. You can even go as deep as visualizing your dream vacation. For instance, think about you being in Hawaii walking down in the beach with your family while you are watching the sun go down. Make sure you even know whats the temperature of the day. I honestly can tell you this the reason why you have to stay focus in your visualization exercise is so your subconscious mind can get use to your dreams and it than can become a reality.

The Set Back Of Visualization

Many network marketers tend to write down their goals and never stay committed to making it happen.  I have spoken to so many network marketers that over promise themselves to visualizing their goals and never stay consistent on it.  Being consistent means everyday before waking up focus on your goals and before going to sleep visualize your goals and if you do this long enough you are going to see a shift inside your mind start to create results.  Most network marketers do not succeed is because they do not believe in themselves.  I asked a team member of mine whose been in the industry longer than me “do you believe you can make $10,000 in 6 months with your primary business and he told me yes.  Guess what when he told me this I told him ” I don’t think so.”  Now by me saying that to him does not mean I am being mean or anything its just the truth.  I told him to think about it and imagine it every single day that he is making $10,000 a month.  Until today he has not made $10,000, the reason why its because he has not taken enough action to do it.  I highly recommend to start this exercise daily and watch your success start happening.

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The Power Of Compounding Effect

The Power Of Compounding Effect

Many of us do not know what compounding effect means? If you are in the sales industry and you have a customer line which you talk to and leave information for them to get back to you, they will get back to you in the next few months. I will give you another example, lets say you knock doors and its a hundred you knock. You are receiving 100 no’s this means the universal owes you a 100 yes. In the next few months whats going to happen you are going to get customers calling you back. The power of compounding effect is it works. Lets say someone gives you $3 million upfront or one cent that doubles everyday for a months, which would be your best choice for you to pick? Most people would choose $3 million.

Lets start to think like investors do when they start a business. Whenever you think about investing you think about growing your money as fast a possible. The main goal is to think long term and not short term.

“In this example we see why consistency over time is so important. On day twenty-nine, you’ve got your $3 million; your friend has around $2.7 million. It isn’t until day thirty that your friend pulls ahead, with $5.3 million and it isn’t until the very last day of this month long ultra marathon that your friend blows you out of the water; they end up with $10,737,418.24 to your $3 million. (‘The Compound Effect’, Darren Hardy, Success Media, 2010. P 10-11)

What Did You Learn About The Power Of The Compound Effect?

By now you should have an idea on how to invest and why so many rich people make money and its because they understand what compound effect means. Its a money driving force that can take you to places in your mind like you never been before. Network marketers and direct sales people understand this concept very well. The main goal is to stay consistent with whatever you are doing.

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