Committing To 2014 For The Better

Committing To 2014 For The Better

2014 goalsIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about committing to 2014 for the better. Every single day since December 1, 2013, I have been hearing marketers tell me they are going to put their business on hold until the new years. Committing to your business has to be daily not temporary, I learned this the hard way. In this post I am going to go over some of the ways for you to commit better for 2014. Normally what have seen is people commit to something they do not mean inside them. Read the rest of this entry

Start Your Home Based Business In the Right Track

Start Your Home Based Business In the Right Track

Learning how to start your home based business in the right track can take some time.  The reason why I say this its because if you do not have any guidance and you never experienced anything with a network marketing company it tends to be difficult.  Lets say you start a company and they tell inform you about their compensation plan of making $1000 a sale and residual, now the problem is what happens if you don’t make any sales for three months?  You end up dropping out because of not being able to make any sales.  I can tell you this what normally happens with a newbie is they have these short term goals…

that end up not happening for them they do not understand the concept of starting a home based business being a long term plan.   Watch video below



Don’t Fail In Starting Your Home Based Business

I will assure you as you are reading this post that you understand some of the ways to build your business that way you start in the right track with your home based business.  First thing is you need to build a social media connection with others and a presence.  Attraction marketing is so powerful when it comes to starting of your home based business.  I honestly believe you should create as many social media accounts as possible and make as many friends as possible that way you can start getting people to sign up in your business by seeing what you are doing.

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What Are Your Short Term and Long Term Goals?


What Are Your Short Term Goals or Long Term Goals

When people think of goal setting, they often think of long term goals such as making $1 million dollars or buying their dream home. Long terms goals are very important, but so are short term goals. Short term goals can help you stay motivated as you are working towards those long term goals. They are the little pats on the back along the way.

They can be especially gratifying in your MLM business. A short term goal allows you to see that you are making progress in the bigger goal of having a successful business. A short term goal should be something that you can accomplish in about three months and something that you would not normally be able to do if it weren’t for your business. Here are some examples of short term goals:

– A new summer wardrobe
– A weekend getaway with your spouse
– Pay off a credit card
– Have a debt free Christmas
– Remodel your kids room
– Buy a treadmill

Long term goals are those that keep you in your business for the long haul. Your short term goals are great and keep you motivated, but the long term goal is what it’s all about. It’s a great idea to have a visual board for your long term goals so that you see it as much as possible. Also, make a measurement stick – and mark off how much closer you’re getting. Even if it’s only 5% your first year, you are that much closer!

Setting Short Term and Long Term Goals

By now you should an understanding of what short and long term goals are, what most people get stuck with is the most important part …HOW to actually set their goals. Here’s a quick step by step guide on how to set both your long term and short term goals:

1. Set aside time. It has to be quiet and uninterrupted time. I find it’s best if you do this away from your house or business. Find a place that is inspiring for you. Go to the beach, in the mountains, or another favorite stop. Take a pad of paper, pencil/pens and 2 different colored highlighters with you.
2. Start with a free flowing list of things you’d like to accomplish. Ask yourself these questions, and write down any answer that come to mind:

a. What do I want to do?
b. What do I want to have?
c. Where do I want to go?
d. Where do I want to live?
e. How many homes do I want to have? Where?
f. What contributions do I want to make to my community or the world?
g. How much do I want to earn?
h. How much do I want to invest?
i. How much do I want to save?
j. What do I want to do for my children?
k. What do I want to do for my parents?
l. What will I do for fun?
3. You should have a pretty long list!! Probably a couple of pages. Now go back through and split between your long term and your short term goals. Remember, short term goals are things that you can accomplish in a 3 month period. Long term goals would take longer than that. Highlight short terms goals one color and long term goals another.
4. Starting with short term goals: Take a new sheet of paper and write down your TOP TEN short term goals. Those you feel the most attachment to. (But keep your big list…you can use the rest later.
5. Schedule those short term goals into appropriate quarters of your upcoming year. Three or so a quarter (one will have 4). You have set your short term goals for the year!
6. Now let’s turn to your long term goals. This is a little harder, and often takes the buy in of your spouse as well. But this is a good place to start. I believe in taking the opposite approach with long term goals. Start culling your list 5 at a time. Line through your LEAST important 5 long term goals. Next 5. Do this until you CANNOT compromise OR you are down to 5-8 long term goals.
7. When you get home, talk to your spouse about what the MOST IMPORTANT FIVE long term goals are for you to work towards. Now you have your long term goals.

Both short term goals and long term goals are important. Take some time to set your short term goals and long term goals this week. Share them with your family – you’ll find they are much more patient with your business when they know what your goals really are!

P.S. If you are struggling with your Network Marketing Business feel Free to connect with me.