How To Market Professionally And Not Spam

How To Market Professionally And Not Spam

Problem Solving If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning about how to market professionally and not spam. Most of you have heard about marketers spamming all over the place using social media. There is a huge debate between marketers if its effective or not. I decided to write this post because I have tried spamming and not spamming and I seen better results without spamming. In this post you are going to learn how to not spam using social media. Read the rest of this entry

Network Marketing Tip – Benefits Of Long Term Strategy

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning the benefits of long term strategy. The network marketing tip you are going to learn is going to help you have more success in your business than you ever thought.  What have I discovered about long term strategy is many network marketers do not see themselves as an expert. For example, if you been in the industry for 2 years and you have failed and failed and been in company after company than I guarantee you in the beginning when you started from day one to twenty four months after your skills should of gotten much better. I remember when I started three years ago I did not know anything about online marketing at all. I did not know what a sales funnel was. If you are in a situation of quitting because of not seeing results this post is definitely for you.
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The Worst Network Marketing Strategies

The Worst Network Marketing Strategies

I just read a post about the three most worst marketing strategies and I am about to contradict what I wrote. Just now I found out another blogger saying things that should not be said with how to market a business opportunity. I believe in marketing offline and online and if you are able to learn both you can build your business much quicker. There is no such worst network marketing strategies. I seen Avon distributors hang flyers on peoples doors offering their products and services and guess what they are getting sign ups. Think about it this way isn’t it better to make money fast or wait to someone shows up in your blog hoping for a lead. The best way to build your business is getting as many decisions on a daily basis. I will show you some ways to build your business successfully online and offline.

What Tends To Happen To Newbies In The Beginning?

Many newbies sign up with the intention of making money fast and the lottery mentality is going to lead to no success instead failure. If your mindset is to hit the lottery on the first day you sign up than think again. The best way to see yourself is by figuring out how much money you want to make a month afterwords take massive action by doing the impossible. What tends to happen is many network marketers who get started like everything the easy way instead of the hard way. I am also going to give you a list of successful former network marketers who use the strategy of offline marketing and still become very successful. What I hear all the time today is doing cold calling, prospecting to friends and family is a waste of time. This is incorrect, the problem is when you talk to your friends and family you are pitching them wrong. I honestly can tell you this when I started network marketing four years ago, I went to chase all my friends and family and did not get any results now that I learned from all my mistakes I have been able to recruit some of my family members in my business opportunity. In regards of newbies when they get started if they do not see results in three months or so they look for another company to make money. The newbies that get started use the wrong marketing strategy and because of that they are force to quit. This is the list of some of the ways to market your business offline

Handing flyers
Door hangers
prospecting face to face
Calling leads
Home meeting
knocking door to door

These are some of the ways to market online

Video marketing
Social media prospecting
Traffic exchange
Solo ads
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
PPV (Pay-Per-View)

Now I am going to show you some successful network marketers that has done offline marketing and had success.

Dani Johnson
Eric Worre
Jerry Clark
Jeffery Combs
Jim Rohn
Ann Sieg

They are made millions using offline marketing, whereas some network marketers are saying if you do offline maketing your leading yourself to failure. I believe that is not true only if you are trained correctly.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #1 Belly To Belly

Belly to belly means the 3 foot rule which is face to face prospecting. If you are doing this today that means you are prospecting and if you do this long enough you are going to be more successful. Many online marketers who got involved in attraction marketing believe in not prospecting face to face and because of that the turn out rate of network marketers has gotten more difficult. Network marketers today have gotten more lazier and the reason why its because they focus on passive marketing rather than active marketing. I am not saying to eliminate passive marketing you can still do that on the back end by always do both.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #2-Phone Calling

If you are doing cold calling you are leading yourself to success. I believe this is the best way to build your team. The reason why if you speak to 50 people daily you are looking at signing up 3-5 reps a week.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #3-Knocking Doors

Knocking doors can be effective the only problem is you have to distribute brochures to others. Depending on the product you are offering is what leads you to have success in door to door knocking.

Make sure you implement as many strategies as possible to succeed in your business.   I hope you found this post valuable.  If you did make sure you share it with your team. …

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Network Marketing Tip-How To Never Run Out Of Prospects

If you are reading this post its because you might be looking for a way to never run out of prospects in your network marketing business.  I am going to share with you network marketing tips that’s going to help you grow your business better.   Many of us have problems generating leads on a daily basis and I can relate to you.  You might be wondering how many people do I need to talk to on a daily basis.  The average is 5 decisions a day and that would lead you to a guaranteed of 10-15 signups a month.  What would 10-15 sign ups bring into your bank account?  More free time with your family and vacationing.   Its important to remember one thing and that is if you are not sponsoring new distributors into your business it might be because you are not talking to enough people.  Another problem that I ran into in the past has been having a big team but all of a sudden my team members are not recruiting so I am going to show you how to grow your team so you can always have new members coming on board.

Prospecting Made For You

Depending on how you prospect would depend your paycheck.  If you are prospecting doing online marketing it might take more time to sponsor people reason why its because it takes longer to build rapport with that person behind the computer.  One of the fastest way to build a team is whenever you sign up a new member make sure you tell them which are the 10 people that pops in your head that would benefit from making an extra income, better health, or more free time. Make sure you get that list from your new members and after what you are going to do is recruit them on their team.  Whats going to happen is out of the ten in the list their might be 4-5 that might join.  This is the script that I use….

“Who is one person you know, that pops in your head, that could use an extra income” (wait for a response when they give you the list call them up)

Hello Dave this is Raymond Del Rosario from Lancaster PA, how are you today? Dave you don’t know me but we do have a mutual acquaintance  Jeff, you known  for years haven’t you,

Well I was talking to Jeff and asked him which are the sharpest people in this business that you know. And he mentioned your name as the top one. Since you are so successful, just as a favor to Jeff, maybe you should take a look at what we are doing and hey who knows, would you be open to taking a look at an email if I shot it to you?

Dave Response : What are you guys doing?

Well we got an online business, and we are doing very well with it and our company did over 61 million in commission so far.

If you take a look at it do you mind if I follow up or you rather reach out to me. If you try this method you are going to recruit lots of people into your business. What tends to happen when it comes to recruiting is many of our newbies do not prospect their warm market and that tends to be the down fall of our business. Think about it this way, if you sponsor 5 people and you can get a list of 50 that is going to be a game changer in your business. All your team mates are going to be happy because they are going to make lots of money.  Now make sure you teach this to your team so everyone can do this as well.  Make sure you master this recruiting strategy and test it out and you will discover what I am saying is true.  Many network marketers or even newbies do not know how to contact their warm market.  Make sure you share this information with your team so they can learn it as well.  Thanks for reading this post.

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Objection Handling Its A Pyramid Scheme

Objection Handling Its A Pyramid Scheme

If you are in the network marketing industry you might of gotten this objection, its a pyramid scheme that’s why don’t like to get involve in your business opportunity.”  When you run into this objection its because you might of not given enough value to them.  Explaining your business opportunity is something many newbies start off with when their company tells them to chase their friends and family.  I can honestly tell you this if you been watching some of my videos that I have done in the past their is a formula that you need to implement to get the results you need in your business.  The question is what do you do when someone tells you this objection?  Just tell them “I would not get involve in a pyramid scheme, why would I tell you to get involve in one.”  Now the definition of a pyramid scheme is a company that collects money from people and not given a legitimate product.  Ponzi Schemes close down they do not last long and that is why the government get’s involve to prevent that from happening.

Pyramid Scheme Misconception

The misconception of a pyramid scheme has been prospects thinking a network marketing being scheme when it offers a product. Like I mentioned before as long as that company offers a product and services to the general public its not considered a pyramid scheme.  Network marketing companies have been around for a long time and because of that people get involved in it on a daily basis.  The problem with most network marketing company is when someone gets involved in it they expect results immediately and it does not work that way.  It takes time depending on the business you are in, for instance, if your company has a high start up fee than its going to take longer for you to grow your business, if the company has a low start up rate than it might be easier for you to grow your business.  Network marketing is a business where everyone helps each other become successful.   Before joining a network marketing make sure the products are legitimate and find out if their is a website of it to make sure it works.  I honestly can tell you this is why health and wellness network marketing companies have the highest commission available and that is because people consume the products and get results.   The misconception starts from the point of view of the prospect looking at a network marketing company as a pyramid and because its design that way people see it as a ponzi scheme.  This is the bottom line every company you worked for or seen are designed as a pyramid if you start to deeply think about it and research it.  Their is always going to be higher people than you in whatever jobs you are involved.   Many of us do not see it but when we work in a job we are part of a legal pyramid.

The objection is this a pyramid scheme, should be responded this way.

1. No John this is not a pyramid scheme is that what you are looking for?

2. Another response is “John have you ever been involved in one before.” ( Now the reason why this is an important question is because you need to dig deep why they mentioned this to you)

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30 Day Formula For Network Marketers

30 Day Formula For Network Marketers

With most network marketers who get started with a home based business they miss out on the 30 day formula. If you are wondering what is the 30 day formula for network marketers you are going to continue reading to understand how it works. It has been proven that this formula has worked for many other network marketers. Whenever you recruit a newbie make sure you ask them questions on why they are deciding to start a home based business. Now starting a home based business is not only about making money its about helping other people succeed. If you do not understand the power of helping other people than you are leaving lots of money in the table. For example, when I got started with my first network marketing business, the only thing I had in mind was making money and not caring about others. I was not prepared for long term residual income. Everything that I thought was for me to make 10k in 90 days without having formula in place. My sponsor never told me any formula the only thing I was instructed was to make a list of all my friends and family and that is all.

What Is The 30 Day Network Marketing Formula?

If you are veteran network marketer you might of heard this formula before but never implemented into your business. Think about it this way if you take your mindset and strength it up you are going to get lots of results and your confidence is never going to drop. Confidence is the number one reason why so many network marketers do not do anything out of their comfort zone. Put in place your mindset by implementing three things into your 30 day formula and that is audio,reading, and blogging or doing a video daily. Now I am going to explain the formula in three different parts so you can have a better understanding on how it works.

You need to listen to 30 minutes of audio daily. I guarantee you if you do this daily you are going to think better and your confidence is going to become better. I recommend to listen to Jim Rohn, Jeffery Combs, Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Dani Johnson and more. If you go to YouTube you would find tons of audios.

You need to read daily for 30 minutes. Now many people do not like reading books and believe it or not this is something very powerful for you to learn one new idea to implement to your business. Now this is what you do whenever you learn one new idea teach your team how to do it. Whats going to happen now is you are going to grow a huge following with others looking up to you.

You need to blog or create a video daily 30 minutes and believe it or not when you do this you are going to notice something about your you and that is are going to feel more comfortable about what you are doing. Watch Video below

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Network Marketing Success (Read Before Joining)

Network Marketing Success

Before you join a network marketing company you need to read this blog post to understand how it works.  As we all know network marketing is an industry to gain financial freedom.  If you don’t know how to network with other people than you should not become a network marketer.  I wrote this blog was to show you how to gain network marketing success.  I am tired of seeing network marketers quit before six months of them being in it.  Most of the time its because of not being able to evaluate the company they are in.  I highly recommend you to watch the video below to prevent failure in network marketing.

Join this Company!!!!

How Stop Network Marketing Failure

Stopping Network marketing failure tends to be difficult because the ones that quit end up talking bad about network marketing companies.  I can tell you this if lets say you have your up line making twenty thousand dollars and all he is doing is cold calling and he tells you to do so you can make the same amount, it might be possible you might not do it because of the rejections being received.  The solution to stop network marketing failure is by expanding your comfort zone to a limit where you are able to master it.  If marketing online is your weakness learn how to do it and believe it or not you are going to be more valuable to your company once you learn how to do it.   Watch video below


P.S. Learn more secrets to becoming JOBLESS Instead a strategy that’s going to help you become successful.