The Reality Of Branding Yourself As A Online Marketer

Branding yourselfIf you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning the reality of branding yourself as a online marketer. Most network marketers that get started only think about promoting their company instead of promoting themselves. When I first started doing online marketing several years ago, I was focusing on branding the company and wasn’t getting any sign ups and no connections. In this post you are going to learn what you need to do when it comes to branding yourself and not your company.


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There are some job-seekers today who criticize network marketing as being a pyramid scheme.  If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning what mlm scam or not a scam is? What people still forget is Network marketing is a process its not an overnight success. Results come with time as long as you are consistent and work smart. To give a better understanding of what I mean by network marketing it’s a business that you run on your own. You are your own boss and the time you put into it is up to you. It provides people with real, product knowledge of what they are selling for a fair price to others. Now don’t get me wrong there has been many people who has gotten rich in network marketing and some have failed in it and because of that the bad conception has spreaded. It is important to understand this the benefits of being part of a network marketing company is you gain financial freedom with time. For instance, if you are 30 years old and you are working at a factory and you are supposed to retire at the age of 55 that means you have 25 years to work and make the same salary without any growth. Whereas with network marketing if you stay long enough for instance less than two years you will succeed. If you research and you are a person who likes to learn and invests time than by the time your 55 years old you will live a profitable lifestyle. Network marketing is all about effort and motivational mindset. As you are building a list of people who are joining your primary business you are building leverage and also you are helping others do the same. The way this economy is going with such a high unemployment rate, those who are victims of not being able to work for a year or so are the ones that are hurt the most.

Learn How To Get A Plan B By Not Accepting MLM Scam

Imagine refusing to work for a network marketing company when its an opportunity that you might have as a Plan B instead of accepting it as an MLM Scam.  An opportunity for you as a average person to come in the industry and dominate. Two weeks ago I was prospecting on the phone and suddenly I received a phone call from someone who wanted to inquire about the opportunity and suddenly when I told him it’s a network marketing company he got upset because he wanted salary. I told him this how long have you been unemployed and he said “8 months and I told him by joining this company in 8 months of you being with us you would gain a lot in your life. He asked me a question and said is this an mlm scam and I told him no its not. If this was a scam I would of not given you my personal cell phone number. One thing I can say is this whenever I’m prospecting, its important to build rapport. Rapport reduces resistance in anyone who is a customer or a prospect.  Make sure you find common ground before you pitch them with an opportunity. Its also important to consider this Network marketing is not to take advantage of other people its to help others progress in their life.

Why Is MLM Scam False?

Many of us who have job mentality, do not know the benefits of being part of a network marketing company.  If you look at a job the way its structure with the hours and the pay you would understand why so many network marketers do not believe in mlm scam.  They believe in financial freedom.  For instance in the company that I am with all I do is find out the prospects problem and help them by giving them a solution.  Always remember this, whenever you are being offered a business opportunity, learn about the companies’ compensation plan and the people who are running it. My best advice is always learn more and more. Put your weaknesses toward the side and work on the angles of the weaknesses. For example, 5 months ago, I was doing door to door sales for a company and I was always make contact with at least 12 people daily but only close 2 of them, but I had a problem. I sucked at closing the sale. Closing was one of the most difficult things for me to master. Now in network marketing the most difficult part is learning step by step on all the marketing tools. Now if you are good at prospecting in the phone. You be doing webinars to send your message out more quickly. Use the internet and write, write, and write about what you learn from others so you can become successful. Therefore, Network Marketing is not a scam it’s a business opportunity for you to grow and a person and always be on top of anything you use in life.

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5 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail

5 Reasons Why Online Marketers Fail

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in finding out how to not fail in your network marketing business. As you know there are so many online marketers that fail today and we don’t know why? Is it because of the overwhelming of information being done or is it because of the money not being easily deposited into their account? You are shortly about to find out in less than a minutes on why so many fail.

5 Reason Why Internet Marketers Fail

1) Reason 1 They quit too early and its because of the time and money being invested. I can tell you from experience, I have heard so many successful online marketers succeed by investing thousands of dollars a month and I completely understand we all cannot spend thousand of dollars on marketing our business, but at least if you are able to spend your money wisely it is possible for you to make six figures with a low budget.

2)Reason 2 its because of lack of dedication which causes failure in your business. I highly advice you to be consistent with your online marketing business.

3)Reason 3 its because the lack of promoting your business online which means you only rely on copy and pasting which is not a good way to build your business. I highly suggest you to prospect to others that way you can help them with the information you are providing them. Make sure you are not spamming all you need to do is give them something for free for them to look at your information instead of selling them your products and services.

4)Reason 4 online marketers do not use the right tools to build their business. If you are using tons of tools to build your business than you might be overwhelmed because of not being able to see results. I highly recommend you to stick to two or three tools until you master it and than move on but don’t get overwhelmed because than you are going to get frustrated.

5)Reason 5 online marketers fail because they do not set a goal for themselves. I can tell you this from experience goal setting is so important in anything you do in life. Make sure you write down your daily goal and annual goal. Make a list of HUNDRED goals you want to reach.

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Online Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Online Marketing VS Offline Marketing

Over the past few years their has been a rumble over how toonline marketing
market your mlm company with either online marketing or offline marketing. The best part of being part of network marketing company is how the new innvative ways of marketing a business. For instance, now if you turn on the computer you see all types of advertising mlm formulas never seen before. Entrepreneurs are marketing their business better than ever the only problem is alot of these marketers end up quitting before they even see success. There are some distributors who feel more comfortable talking to people face to face rather
than behind a computer. Whereas, some distributors like more
exposure by doing videos, webinars, and audios behind a
computer. Now the question is what would you choose to market
your business. In this article I will be discussing the pros
and Cons between both marketing strategies.

Pros in Offline Marketing

offline marketingWhenever you are marketing your business without a computer what you are doing is connecting with other people by telling them about your products and services. Now the benefit about marketing your business offline is you save more money than doing it online. Its more practical and easier what I mean easier is because you dont need technical information to
market your business. You can set up meeting by giving flyers
out to people in the mall and streets. You can also do drop
cards in book stores and gas stations. For example, if you
are marketing a health and wellness product the best places to
leave your information is at the gym, bookstore, hospitals.
Now let me tell you a story about a friend of mind who was
selling a health product, what he did was he did volunteer
work at a YMCA where alot of people go to and he started to
network with members of the YMCA. As amazing it might sound
he ended up recruiting people to his business because his
target market was people looking to get in shape. When you are
offline marketing you can post ads on newspaper, yellow pages,
and more.

Cons in Offline Marketing

When you do Offline Marketing sometimes it can break you down
if you dont know how to handle objections. The most important
thing to keep in mind when you are chasing your friends and
family is to not let anyone break you down. When I started
network marketing, I used to get 20 no’s a day in order for me
to become successful in what I am at. Its tough to handle the
no’s but remember one thing there are always people you can
offer your product. The negative side of joining a business
is sometimes the company would not train you properly to
market your business and thats when you quit. Think about it
this way if you market your business offline you are going to
take longer to build it because of not being able to connect
with prospects from other states or country. What I mean is
if you are marketing your business in your city sometimes it
can be difficult to market people from other cities.

Pros in Online Marketing

When I first started using online marketing I was connecting
with more people at one time. The best part about online
marketing more and more people are using the internet to look
for information which means you can promote your business via
social media for instance. The main point is exposure when we
are talking about online marketing. For instance, you can
post something on facebook and all of a sudden you would have
10-15 people liking your information. Also whats great about
online marketing is you are able to see lots of people making
millions in less than 2 years. Online marketing can help you
become a celebrity online.

Cons Of Online Marketing

Online Marketing can be expensive and you can end up being
broke in no time. The biggest problem alot of distributors
run into is spending lots of money and not get results. For
example, over the years I have spent more than $3,000 on
products. Now I dont mean that its a bad thing to buy so many
products the only problem is some of us dont use it. Also the
other problem is their are too many technical information that
you need to understand, in order to market your business

In concluding this article, my opinion is if you are able to
learn how to market both ways you are going to build your
business more effectively. One of the most important parts is
if you become a master prospector you are going to be a
recruiting machine. As you continue reading this article watch
video below.


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Internet Network Marketing |  Learn Skills to Success!

If you are reading this blog post its because you are interested in joining the network marketing industry.  New members that come in are always promised one thing and that is its very easy to make money.  In reality it’s not easy you have to learn how to market yourself and understand how this industry works.  So what does it take to understanding the internet network marketing by learning the Skills to Success!  Watch Video

Now let’s start to understand how internet network marketing works you need to lead by example to others on how to brand yourself with the concept of attraction marketing.  People get appealed to you by learning from you and looking up to with conference call and even webinars that you present about your company.   The idea is for you to get better and better by reading more books and also listening to audios on your way to work.

Internet Network Marketing | What is Attraction Marketing?

Attraction marketing started with Mike Dillard who has helped thousand and thousands of struggling network marketing with his company magnetic sponsoring.    Being part of the network marketing industry is like being part of a dream come true.  The strategies and skills that you can implement are so amazing that is going to be like taking college courses.  What’s interesting about attraction marketing is you become a celebrity online.  By learning the proper training and having the patience that its needed you will become successful in no time.  Success is something that is not over night.   There are so many network marketers who have made millions of dollars implementing the concept of attraction marketing into their business.  As you might have notice everyone now is using the internet.  Using the internet is where you would find all your resources to become successful.  For instance, if you use YouTube and type up how to Internet network marketing guess what its going to show you how to do that.

Internet Network Marketing  | What does it Take?

If you want to become successful in life you need to work for it.  Have a mindset of chasing your dream and never stop doing it.  In order to accomplish your goals with internet network marketing make sure you have dedication and work ethics.  You should not play around with going for your dream because what normally happens to a lot of people is they give up before they try.  You need to discipline and motivated to progress with your business.  You also need to keep a positive mental attitude by kicking out of your mind negative thoughts.  Don’t say I can’t do this anymore think about it this way if someone else did it why can’t you do it.  Say to yourself “I will succeed.”  One thing to keep in mind failure is the only way you are going to succeed.  If you learn from your mistakes you are going to become successful.

Internet Network Marketing  | Solution To Your problem

If you are in this moment insulting yourself its never to late to recuperate mentally.  I will show you what has worked for me so you can understand how to leverage in your business and also to empower you.  The solution to your problem is becoming strong minded.  Watch Video

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Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

Have you ever heard of how the gurus make money online?  There are so many ways to do so from SEO, PPC, social media and more.  This post contains information why its important to blog to market better.

Why Should Online Marketers Have a Blog

I believe its important to because I have had much success in having my own blog and marketing other peoples products.  Now Im going to give you a couple of reasons why its important to blog.

-You dont need money on advertising on newspaper and other places where you have to pay to advertise.

-You dont have to worry about having a capture page, you can use videos to reach out to others for FREE.

-Also you teach others with everything you learn about your company.

-Your blog will always stay forever

-More and more people are using the internet today

-Other successful marketers are blogging daily.

Whats important to remember is this if you are in vacation with your family you can make videos about your company or product and reach out to others.  Also you can become a celebrity online instead of TV.

Make it a priority to have a Blog if you are an Online Marketer?

–  You are able to brand yourself
–  Get daily visitors
–  You have full control of your blog
–  You can make sales while you are sleeping.
–  Build a reputation by just blogging daily.

-You can also connect through social media.

P.S. If you are struggling with your business feel free to connect with me.

Why Empower Network is PERFECT for Newbies!

The New Revolution Empower Network

The Empower Network has the internet on fire! People are talking about it left and right. If you’re on Facebook, you’ve seen the ads 3 and 4 at a time. Everywhere you turn, someone is asking about Empower Network. If you’re new to the internet, you’re probably wondering what the Empower Network is all about. You’re also wondering if it’s for you.

The short answer is yes.  I’ll explain why Empower Network is perfect for Newbies.

Internet marketing is HUGE right now. Everybody that is alive is setting up their own blog. There are approximately 17 million blogs, and that number is growing. People are using the internet to brand themselves and their businesses, and to earn affiliate income too. With so many blogs and websites out there, how is the newbie marketer going to be able to survive? The only solution for Newbies is Empower Network because we teach you the importance of blogging.

That’s where the Empower Network comes in!

Let’s pretend for a second that the Empower Network did not exist. Heck it’s only been around a second. Anyway, let’s say it didn’t exist. To market on the internet, you would need: a domain, hosting, a blog, a designer if you can’t build the blog yourself, a lead capture page, a sales funnel, and an autoresponder. Along with the autoresponder, you need an autoresponder series to market to your list as it develops. Each of these has a cost – both in time AND money.

With Empower Network, you get all of that in fell swoop to the tune of $25 per month. The autoresponder alone would cost you $20 per month. For $25 per month, you will get a blog already set up. This isn’t just any blog. It is highly optimized, fully functional blog! The ‘secret’ to this blog is that the Empower Network provides a higher page rank, which allows your posts to get ranked higher and faster on search engines, such as Google. With an ordinary personal blog, you start out with a page rank of Zero – meaning the search engines don’t even know you’re alive.

One of the main problems internet marketers face is lack of marketing knowledge. As a new marketer, you need to learn how to market! The Empower Network offers you Fast Start Training by video. There is little left to chance, so that you learn how to market. The videos tell you EXACTLY what to do! The Empower Network has weekly conference calls designed to train you as a marketer… from the BEST internet marketer in the world!

As a new marketer, you are almost guaranteed to not make any money your first few months. While there are a few superstars out there, odds are you won’t be one of them. By using the Empower Network to get started, you have a smaller investment with a greater return. You earn 100% affiliate commission for every person you refer who signs up with the Empower Network. Did I mention you get that commission immediately? With every other company, you have to wait days and weeks to get paid! Not with Empower Network! Can you imagine the feeling of getting paid NOW?!

Are you ready to hit the ground running on the internet? Join me today in the Empower Network


Melaleuca Complaints

By Winston Sheperd

Melaleuca is but a different firm that have been surrounded by several of scam accusations and Melaleuca complaints. The cause why in some cases apart from its exceedingly outstanding operations, there is certainly a fraction of you nevertheless doubting of its reputation. But what is seriously the truth? You have got already heard a lot of those; now it is time to listen to this one.

Melaleuca’s History

When you will find other people that are inside the process of still starting a name, Melaleuca had its name nicely shaped up since 1985. Thanks to Frank VanderSloot, the corporation have been generating and allocating for over 350 items. To name a handful of, private care and cosmetic are the most well known within their item line. And for the years their business have been operating, their product sales and revenue have reached to nearly $800 million each year. Plus, such sales or earnings may be essentially accomplished by independent distributors and they are pretty confident in naming a couple of ones who’ve already made 6 figures. So in what part do Melaleuca complaints situate?

Melaleuca’s History: The Other Side in the Story

I think I am already getting suggestions using the entire Melaleuca complaints. As I see it, Melaleuca has started way back prior to the internet had turn into a boom.

So, part of its weaknesses might be the failure to engage by way of on the net marketing and advertising. Specifically to MLM trainings that are incredibly vital to members, accessing it on-line will be an extremely easier job than sticking using the outdated ones. Now, that starts the Melaleuca complaints. They say that Melaleuca has been taking advantage of them as members.

Melaleuca’s Complaints: The Genuine Story

Going additional, its difference from the booming internet advertising can be a lot. You’ve got all of the possibility to produce as numerous leads as you may every day so long as you happen to be willing to devote your time for it. The issue using the outdated and personal contacts may be the required stuffs you’ll want to take into consideration like setting appointments, seeking a venue and contacting numerous prospects. Now, I genuinely recognize because I can just picture and possibly if I’m within the similar scenario, I may well also be in for some Melaleuca complaints.

End Story

Melaleuca is operating in the world of network advertising and marketing, in brief by way of the word of mouth. So, what greater methods to succeed in such business but to discover and speak “words of wisdom”? Rather than pursuing your Melaeuca complaints, you may also initiate in strengthening your sorts of words or your marketing and advertising methods.

Keep in mind, people engage in a thing they locate value worth joining for. What I say, it is possible to obviously speak for that.

I have said everything I needed to say about Melaleuca complaints and I am done listing all its benefits and features. I urge you to take Melaleuca complaints seriously and learn the top 3 tips on commission loophole for your business. It is so easy; a child could even do it

Why business owners fail?

Many business owners do not like to brand themselves online. Online presence is very important today if you are a direct sales marketer. You can take the advantage of branding yourself to grow your business online. The resources that is available today for online marketing and branding are amazing. Blogging is the best way to expose your business. Make sure you set up social media accounts and link it to your blog. If you look at some news reporters, for example, Sean Hannity has a Facebook account and also has a blog. He directs his fans to his blog. Now the question is are business owners promoting their business in a blog. Do you get enough viewers to read about what you are promoting? If yes, than its because you are writing great content. Interesting content will cause more and more visitors to read your information. Now if you are not making any money as a business owner and you have a blogged developed, there is something wrong. Make sure you get friends or family member to critique your blog. Find out from others what do they think about the information you are providing. Now another thing you can do is put yourself in the position of your visitors. Ask yourself questions about what would interest you on visiting your blog. Look for a mentor and learn what they are using to promote their business online. You have to design a life instead of a living. I hate seeing people struggle online, looking for ways to grow their business and not being able to grow. One thing to understand is this there is a transformation gap according to Jerry Clark which means “the quicker you get on with the business of designing a life instead of just making a living.” There are three ways that whenever you are blogging it can take you to become success in it. And that is through social media connections. You need to connect with people the same way you promote your business offline. Understand one thing every single time you ask one of your prospects if they have a computer at home most of the time is a yes. The use of the internet has been something every single person is now using. Its important to understand this, if we have billions of people using the internet daily looking for information. Doesn’t it make sense to go online and promote your information in your blog. Social media is the best way to connect and promote your business. Make sure you post your information in your wall so people can visit your blog. Get involved in groups and also comment on other people walls to build rapport. The second way to promote your business online is through keyword and SEO. If you use the correct keywords in your blog, you will gain more traffic into your website. Lastly build relationships with other bloggers. With a big community of people blogging today many would enjoy connecting with you to learn from each other. So its a good idea to mention your post in their blog. For more information on how you can build your business online, join me.

Is it necessary to Have a mlm Sponsoring System?

Don’t Miss out on mlm sponsoring

Having an mlm sponsoring system is something many network marketers miss out on. If you are new to an mlm company many of your upline sponsors would tell you to go and chase your friends, family, create a list of your warm market, and go to the supermarket prospecting. Offline line marketing is ok to use but one thing I have noticed, when you look at how many schemes and skepticism people think about mlm companies, its because they are not making any money. its not something prospects are interested. If you have a system online, what happens is you will get prospects who are looking for easier and effective ways to recruit. Being able to market your business online and offline would cause your business to grow. For instance, I use my lead system pro and Empower Network system to market my business. I have gotten many results with these two systems.

There are better ways to mlm sponsoring

If you are looking for a better way to sponsor, My Lead System Pro and Empower Network is the best choice for you to generate income from the comfort of your home. Not only are you with these companies but you are getting the support from members who have gotten results. Its important to understand mlm sponsoring systems is a process of following other network marketing distributors who are looking for ways to recruit much more members into their primary business. In the past many network marketers were inviting their prospects into meetings and places to learn about the opportunity and the most horrible part of it is lets say you invite 20 prospects to learn about your opportunity in person but suddenly you rent a place in a hotel and its 8:00 pm you are supposed to do a presentation to 20 prospects no one shows up, it’s a waste of your time, lose of money, and frustration. I went through these experiences in the past when I started; I was spending money on local areas to do presentation with some times no results. Now don’t get me wrong, I did recruit some prospects into my primary business with offline marketing.

What are the benefits of mlm sponsoring?

The benefit of having an online mlm sponsoring system working for you will help you build your downline quicker in a much shorter time. When it comes to network marketing one of the most important things is “Time”. If you don’t know how to manage your time than you are losing out in whatever you are doing. You have to maximize your time and leverage from whatever you are doing in your business. If you are able to recruit members into your primary business than you also can help them do the same. Don’t lose money; make money as much as you can, find ways to grow your network marketing business. You have to continue by mlm sponsoring people into your primary business. If you are having problems recruiting online, join me and I will help you. If you are struggling in this moment, I will teach you 10 prospecting tips free by mlm sponsoring.


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