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The Three Biggest Problems In Health Care Today

If you are reading this post its because you are interested in learning what the five biggest problems in health care today are. Did you know today our health care system is killing more than 500 patients per day from mistakes, accidents and infections in hospitals. Its horrible today how so many people rely on doctors poisonous them with medications that can kill them in the long run. As you continue reading you are going to find ways that is going to prevent you from being infected and also from you relying on the health care system. The healthier you are the less you have to worry about going to the hospital.

Problem 1: Unnecessary Care

There are too much unnecessary care going on and what I mean by that is there is a big lost productivity and disability going on.

Problem 2: N0t being able to avoid harm to patients

This problem is very common in the health care system. For every one out of four patient receive harm during their stay in a hospital. Its a big problem today because what happens is if the hospital is full of people and you are a patient and you are still not a hundred percent ready to go home they would try their best to tell you to go home with out you being a hundred percent. The reason why they do that is because they want to put new people in the rooms.

Problem 3: Too Much Money Is Being Wasted Today

Have you ever been to a doctor and they give you all sorts of medications that are unnecessary to your health when their are better solutions to your problem? What happens today is medicines cost have gotten up. For instance not only the medicine cost but lets say you go to the emergency room and only want one check up what would happen is next thing you know you would probably receive a three thousand dollar bill or your insurance would pay for it. Believe it or not but their are so many unnecessary things going on in the hospitals that are causing our economy to worsen.

How To Prevent From Being Part Of the Health Care Problem Today

Many of us who rely on doctors to help us out we should worry about learning the solutions to your health. I have been able to stay healthy for many years and what I have done is take care of myself. For example there is this company called EPX Body which provides many remedies for someone who suffers from heart problems, high blood pressure, blood problems, diabetes, and many more…

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