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Three Ways To Build Self Confidence

One of the main reasons people do not succeed in life its because they have a low self esteem. Have you ever been in a situation of being stuck inside you of not doing something because of your low self-esteem? Yes! Building your self esteem might take some work in your part and that is by becoming persistent in what you are attending in doing. I will now show you two ways to take out the negativity in you that’s not allowing you to become successful.

1.Self-Awareness Increase

Believe it or not but their is something in the back of your mind that tells you not to do something to keep you down. That little voice that you listen to is the cause of your failure. You might of been in this situation where you mind tells you that you are not good enough, not good looking, or smart enough. We as human beings do not see this or understand the words that our mind tells us to do. Once you understand how to take the negativity away from your mind you are going to be surprise at what you are going to discover within yourself. One of the best ways to increase your self-awareness is by writing a journal about your thoughts.

2.What Do You Dislike About Yourself

In your journal make sure you write down what you dislike about yourself. This can be written in a journal, word document, or even a piece of paper. Make sure when you are creating this list to add anything you do not like about life. As you are doing this task make sure you are asking yourself questions like do you accept yourself with what you dislike about yourself?

3.Reason Why You are always Going To Be Great

Usually when it comes to building your self-esteem it takes time and effort in your part. If you are able to socialize with other people and learn how others deal with their self-esteem that would be very powerful to discover. Now what you are going to do is write all the reason why you are great. This is something you need to read out loud so it can go deeply into your subconscious mind.  I just created a video for you to digest and learn so you can understand what I am explaining in this post.  Normally what tends to happen is failure happens because of fear and not being able to understand how to overcome fear.  I believe that self confidence can be increased if you learn more about self development.  Start to read as much as you can and watch videos on things that would help you get more confident in whatever you are doing in life.  Watch video below


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