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Time Management Strategies to Reduce Stress

Time management strategies is one of the most challenging areas of anyone life.  We cannot buy time.  The only thing we can do is manage our time.  For instance, I was at the gym last week and I was talking to this lawyer who I started a conversation with and he was telling me about how many hours he works weekly which was 80-110 hours a week.  That’s insane!  I have seen many family get broken because of not being able to spend time together.  The reason this conversation came up was because I asked him does he come to the gym everyday and than that’s when the conversation started.  Now for those of you who are struggling in your business or job field and want to do something you desire and do not understand time management strategies, I will show you how to have less stress in your life.  Its important to understand if we learn time management strategies, we would be able to improve our areas of our lives. This is my best advice that I can provide you with, try this out for a few weeks and you will see how your life is going to get better.

Learn Time Management Strategies

Plan each day by writing a list of ten of what to do.  Priorities the most important to least important. What you must prevent is last minute tasks. Now one mistake that does happen is watching television for more than three hours a day and than you say you complain about not being able to do productive things.  Now if I would ask you to sign up with my online business opportunity, I would ask you how much time can you put weekly?  Your answer might be “I don’t have time right now.”  The reality of the matter is if you watch television 21 hours a week, than why can’t you put 20 hours into your primary business. Now for any network marketers reading this its important to remember if you are working on your business, for example, blogging, PPC, or being on webinars daily try to be consistent with it, and once you get the habit until you get used to it.

Use Your Time Management Strategies Wisely

Try to use your time more careful and understand that whatever you do in life is a process.  For example, if you drive daily to work and its a 45 minute drive to work and home than listen to audios.  If you take the bus to work than read a book as you go to work.  When you go on break in your job, read a book or listen to an audio. By doing this its going to free more time to be with your family and in the same time training yourself. Whenever you are reading make sure you turn off your phone and computer.  Make sure you take vacations to rest and re-energize yourself.  Watch this video below….

Cool Video on Time Management Strategies


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