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The Truth About Network Marketing


Last night I heard a horrible news from a friend of mind by

the name of Ken.  He told me his network marketing company

changed their compensation plan which caused a lot of his

down line to drop out.  The outcome of that is now because half

of his down left the company, he is forced to look for a job.

Its crazy to say but a few months ago, I was so happy for him

to starting his own business and all of a sudden he wants to

quit.  Just to think about how incredible it was when I saw

him do a YouTube video talking about his success story with

his company and now he is depressed for what happened.  The

hard work and incentives that he has received for losing all

his downline comes to an end.  If you are reading this post

what would happen if you lost your job and don’t have a choice,

what would you do?  Now lets say you lose your job and

suddenly you ask yourself what can I do now?  Think about it

this way you don’t have no word of saying.  Whereas with Ken,

he lost half of his downline but guess what although he lost

his downline, he can still build his team stronger than ever.

Now when you are looking at the company itself, they can do

whatever they want with you.  Meaning they can change the

compensation plan whenever they want and also they can change

the product as well.

Do You Still Have A Dream in Network Marketing

Now as you are reading this post you are probably at a point

of saying negative things about network marketing.  You

probably would off done the same as Ken which means look for a

9-5 job and from their stay in the same social status level.

What you are reading are all the possible thoughts that could

come into mind for anybody.  If you dream of becoming someone

in life make sure you still have your options opens for new

avenues. Now I been in situations when I failed numerous times and

didn’t know what to do with anything of my own thoughts.  Now

the crazy part is most people that lose their jobs quit their

dreams and stop thinking about becoming successful.  Why is

that?  In order to understand what you want in life you need

to love what you do to become successful in it.


What Negative Points Do You Have Against Network Marketing?


Some people think of it as a pyramid scheme when in reality

you are able to make money and live your dream life.  If you

do the research before criticizing any company look at their

compensation plan and the business model they have before

judging any network marketing company.

Failing in Network Marketing

When you fail in your network marketing business its important

to start over again and learn from your mistake.  Quitting

should never be an option in whatever you want to do in life.

Now in Ken’s situation when he lost most of his downline, what

he should do is pick up where he left of and work harder on

recruiting more qualified prospects instead of complainers.

There are so many network marketing companies that do not open

the doors for you to achieve your success because of the

limits on marketing training.

Best Advice In Network Marketing

-Quitting should not be an option in network marketing-If you

fail in your company make sure to keep in mind that there so

many companies out their than can help you.

-Before joining a network marketing company do your research-

The best advice I can give you is listen to your heart.

-Failure is a way to learn from your mistakes.  Never think

failure is bad sometimes it can benefit you in the long run

and what I mean by that is its a learning curve.

As emotional you might get with network marketing companies

you have to understand success are steps on a ladder.  To have

that breakthrough in your life you need to take massive action

in whatever you do.  If you have a passion for network

marketing do not quit.

One thing I can tell you is if you have so much desire in being part of this industry make sure you follow me with this video below.

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