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Velata Scam Review-Is It A Legit Company

In this moment since you are reading this Velata Scam Review,
your concern is to see if this company is a fit for you. I
will be giving you inside information about this company for
you to make an intelligent decision. Watch  Velata Scam Review video

Velata Scam Review-The Product

velata scam reviewVelata started in May of 2012, which is affiliated with
Scentsy. If you are part of Scentsy MLM company or heard about it than you already know its a legit company. Velata is a direct sales company which is part of the network marketing industry. The product they offer is a chocolate made in Belgium which is one of the best cocoa worldwide. Now in considering to understand what their biggest product is it would have to be fondue warmers which is a light bulb which
creates a temperature thats chocolate. If you are the type of
person who likes to go to therapy than this is for you. The
reason why its because you can put it in your bedroom. This
Aroma warmer comes in variety of kinds which are dark,
caramel, white, and milk chocolate flavor. As you might have
noticed this product has a great offer for the consumer.

Velata Scam Review-Business Opportunity

When you sign up for Velata business there is a $99 starter
fee. By you paying $99 to get yourself up and rolling it
comes with 6 packages of fondue warmer (chocolate) and also
materials for your business. The best part of this company is
you get what you paid for by promoting their products. What
also comes included is in the back office exclusive trainings,
a booklet, and a three months free website. Now the most
important part of the article compensation plan. You are
going to receive 30% payouts for your personal sales and also
9% for incentive leadership levels. Now when I am refering to
30% and 9% it usually varies because it can also be lower than
30%. Now one thing to remember is if the company is paying
you this type of commission its because the product sells
itself and its easy to promote.

Velata Scam Review-Conclusion

So far you been reading this article about Velata scam review
and now you should be at a point of making a wise decision of
either joining or not. First thing you need to do is join and
the reason I say this is because once you join its going to
change the quality of your life by becoming a business owner. The benefit of joining this company is you have alot of people to offer it to. Now one thing I can tell you that happens is once you join you are going to be told to make a list of all your friends and family and what ends up happening you lose out because it tends to be that your friends and family can break you down. Watch this Velata Scam Review video below

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