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Why Wakeupnow got shut down and filed bankruptcy, its said to say as a former wake up now member, I was not impressed with how corporate knew this was going to happen why didn’t they try something different to continue the growth of the company. When a company like wakeupnow relies on investors, it tends to not last because of wrong decisions that can be made from corporate. Everything started after September 11, 2014 Wakeupnow events when they started to invest on having more physical products and not gaining enough retail customers the company decided to increase the price on membership from $99 to $124. Bad decision by corporate. Another problem we were seeing was the company was using too many affiliates in the company rather than creating their own products to not rely on other companies. As a former wakeupnow member I recommend any marketer whose looking for another opportunity to make sure the company you join has a product that separates business from customers and it pays well.

Company Stop Paying Wakeupnow Leaders

For a company you join to stop paying you because of not following company policy can hurt you back. I feel because alot of leaders in wakeupnow were not getting paid they started to leave and also taking their downline with them.  Whenever you look at a company you want to make sure the company is paying members on time without delays.  Imagine you working from home full time and your only income is your company and all of sudden you stop receiving money from them, this is what leaders were facing in the company.  In the last 10 months I have seen several companies go out of business because of financial issues,  I believe before this happens you need to understand what you are involved in before you put 100 percent of your efforts into your company.  To learn more about Wake up now shutting down watch the video below…..




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