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Are we working too hard with our jobs.  I have found out so many people today that are working more than one job just to pay their bills.  What many do not know about being in the job field is why in the heck do people rely on increases on hourly when the prices of gas and food keep going up.  It doesn’t make any different if our hourly wage goes up because we are still going to be in the same position.  In this post I will show you ways to prevent yourself working too hard instead make your life easier for yourself.

Odds are that you feel like this guy too. Big gains in productivity are a sign that workers are stretched too thin. Companies need to start hiring more.

In viewing the image on top if you want to read the completely article about working too hard click here 


First thing first if you are working two jobs right now and you have a family to support I completely understand that.  The problem with working two jobs it can burn you out with time.  For instance, if you are working a day job and an evening job 7 days a week and lets say you make with both jobs a combine weekly based of $500 dollars a week, you are looking in making $2,000 monthly, yearly thats $24,000.  Do you think its right for you to go through this process for 10-20 years without moving forward with your life.  I can tell you this I have done a survey for six months and I have asked hundreds of families whats the most difficult part of a relationship and its finance.   Being financially down can break you up with your wife and kids.  For instance, you are not spending enough time with your family because of the two jobs you are with.  Believe it or not but their are ways around that.  And the previous posts I have written check this PLAN B FORMULA.  Create a free account and check out the back office if you need more information feel free to email me personally at Raymonddlrsr@gmail.com.  Make sure to put your phone number in the email and I promise to get back to you in less than 48 hours that way we can discuss on how to stop working too hard.


I suggest you to start using a plan B like I have mentioned in the previous posts.  Don’t get burned out by working a job that’s going to pay you less than you are worth.  Lets say you are working 80 hours a week for 10 years that would kill you internally.  I believe in free enterprise.  Many people with job mentality do not understand how to get financially free.   There are school that do not teach the concept of how to become financially free instead they teach you on how to become a slave of someone else and make them rich instead of making you rich.  Stop Working To hard become a free member by clicking here

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