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The Worst Network Marketing Strategies

I just read a post about the three most worst marketing strategies and I am about to contradict what I wrote. Just now I found out another blogger saying things that should not be said with how to market a business opportunity. I believe in marketing offline and online and if you are able to learn both you can build your business much quicker. There is no such worst network marketing strategies. I seen Avon distributors hang flyers on peoples doors offering their products and services and guess what they are getting sign ups. Think about it this way isn’t it better to make money fast or wait to someone shows up in your blog hoping for a lead. The best way to build your business is getting as many decisions on a daily basis. I will show you some ways to build your business successfully online and offline.

What Tends To Happen To Newbies In The Beginning?

Many newbies sign up with the intention of making money fast and the lottery mentality is going to lead to no success instead failure. If your mindset is to hit the lottery on the first day you sign up than think again. The best way to see yourself is by figuring out how much money you want to make a month afterwords take massive action by doing the impossible. What tends to happen is many network marketers who get started like everything the easy way instead of the hard way. I am also going to give you a list of successful former network marketers who use the strategy of offline marketing and still become very successful. What I hear all the time today is doing cold calling, prospecting to friends and family is a waste of time. This is incorrect, the problem is when you talk to your friends and family you are pitching them wrong. I honestly can tell you this when I started network marketing four years ago, I went to chase all my friends and family and did not get any results now that I learned from all my mistakes I have been able to recruit some of my family members in my business opportunity. In regards of newbies when they get started if they do not see results in three months or so they look for another company to make money. The newbies that get started use the wrong marketing strategy and because of that they are force to quit. This is the list of some of the ways to market your business offline

Handing flyers
Door hangers
prospecting face to face
Calling leads
Home meeting
knocking door to door

These are some of the ways to market online

Video marketing
Social media prospecting
Traffic exchange
Solo ads
PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
PPV (Pay-Per-View)

Now I am going to show you some successful network marketers that has done offline marketing and had success.

Dani Johnson
Eric Worre
Jerry Clark
Jeffery Combs
Jim Rohn
Ann Sieg

They are made millions using offline marketing, whereas some network marketers are saying if you do offline maketing your leading yourself to failure. I believe that is not true only if you are trained correctly.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #1 Belly To Belly

Belly to belly means the 3 foot rule which is face to face prospecting. If you are doing this today that means you are prospecting and if you do this long enough you are going to be more successful. Many online marketers who got involved in attraction marketing believe in not prospecting face to face and because of that the turn out rate of network marketers has gotten more difficult. Network marketers today have gotten more lazier and the reason why its because they focus on passive marketing rather than active marketing. I am not saying to eliminate passive marketing you can still do that on the back end by always do both.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #2-Phone Calling

If you are doing cold calling you are leading yourself to success. I believe this is the best way to build your team. The reason why if you speak to 50 people daily you are looking at signing up 3-5 reps a week.

Worst Network Marketing Strategies #3-Knocking Doors

Knocking doors can be effective the only problem is you have to distribute brochures to others. Depending on the product you are offering is what leads you to have success in door to door knocking.

Make sure you implement as many strategies as possible to succeed in your business.   I hope you found this post valuable.  If you did make sure you share it with your team. …

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